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  • Haha...you call my wife a prostitute for no reason and then you just expect me to brush past that and 'stop speaking to each other'??? Nah dude, PHUCK YOU, you POS.
    Thanks for the reps, man. Anytime you see something pm me or post it, I have rivals and scout.
    Effin eh! Nothing like a man who gets passionate about his Irish football!
    And I'm not gonna make you fight over fighting about who started the fight (I'm not in 3rd grade either, although Bogs is still a POS lol)
    Well, you picked one with me for no good reason. I did nothing to you but respond to what you said on a message board. You took it personal and off we went. And then you took it to another level and I obliged as well.

    As for bogs, enjoy him then. He's a true two-faced POS, and that's someone I'd tell to his face. Everyone else on this site is fine, including you. I don't believe in "Internet friends" unless we meet face to face, but if that POS is your friend LOL, well, enjoy his fake over-the-top bullshit. Dude is about as real as Lenay LOL.
    Funny thing is...I don't even think you're a dIck. I think you had a bad night and didn't want to admit that you messed up and started taking it out on others. And then you messaged me for no reason and it escalated from there. I enjoy the banter and yeah, I get carried away but that's just the way I am. It's entertainment to me.

    But your boy Bogs, well, he's a true POS. He acts all uppity and tries to be everyone's best friend (and he's REALLY over-the-top about it), but he's a whiny little POS. He'd PM talking crap, and then send my response to everyone and their mothers, like a little b!tch. And all b/c I had the nerve to disagree with a female on this site, thus making me a sexist LOL.

    And he did much more. I wouldn't align myself with that POS if he were the last human alive. You want to talk about a phony? That's your man.
    In a week or so I will clear out my pm box. You should let me know where you coach and what your schedule is so I can follow you guys or maybe make a game this fall!
    my fault didn't realize that about the reps. to be honest i'm not worried about it...not worth my time and not worth yours either. it was partially a two way street too so I can't point full blame, but I hear what you're saying

    have a good summer dude!
    LOL....dude I was joking. should have used italics. A) you can't use italics on reps. B) More that a big bully. My question is why someone that is so happy with their life has to pour forth such pure filth and such dire contempt. And then the kicker he 'gwen' pray for filthy low-life characters like us!
    What the fukk? Sensitive? That is the biggest understatement I may ever have heard! How long has this been going on? You know you can put him on the ignore list?
    You know, you get to a point where you realize that some people out there are just giant douches. You are one of them. You are also a whiny little bitch and a spaz. I actually feel sorry for you and whatever fat skank you end up with.

    I'll always remember this conversation as being incredibly one-sided (really, not a fair fight...sorry), and by your whiny little bitchisms you kept throwing out there:


    "STAY OUT OF IT!!!"

    "You can always remember that!! ALWAYS!!!!!"


    What a pathetic spaz. I'm glad this is over...I'm tired of making you look so bad. Out.
    dude...my fault didn't check this out, don't do it much...only check my p.m......i wouldn't have been able to anyway...ha...i coach at my high school so it wouldn't have worked out.

    wish it could have worked out
    Can you come up to see Jaylon play at Whitmer on the 7th?
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