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    2023 Master List

    Micah Bell said thanks but no thanks to Georgia
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    2023 Master List

    Feels like the staff is holding onto this class for dear life. Bowen is 50/50 at best, who knows what’s going on with Limar, failed miserably at landing a potential Keely replacement, and the early prognosis for ND and the portal is very meh. If Notre Dame loses Bowen and Limar and the other...
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    2023 Master List

    Yeah just a bunch of stuff that I wouldn’t read much into. Sounds like it’ll be really boring, from now until ESP. I would assume that any 2023 recruiting news will be bad news. For a bunch of “dogs”, this staff didn’t close very well.
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    2023 Master List

    Armel Mukam doesn’t do it for you?!
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    '23 KS RB Dylan Edwards (Offer)

    Rees has never utilized gadget players to the fullest. I would’ve put Edwards’ odds of having his talent maximized to the fullest at 20%
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    '22 TX RB Jadarian Price (Notre Dame Signee)

    Edwards probably sawPrice in that video and that’s why he decommitted
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    2023 Transfer QB

    Good for Drake. Old fashion team loyalty will never get old. He’ll go 8-4 next year and be the #1 pick in the 2024 draft
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    ND's Talking Heads ... The good, bad & ugly

    Where is Loy saying all of this?
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    '19 OH TE Erick All (Offer)

    Yeah I’d have to think a TE or two will transfer, due to the talent at the top
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    2022-2023 Notre Dame Men's Basketball

    Idk. This team is way too inconsistent and unpredictable for a team that has 6 grad students.
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    2023 Transfer QB

    According to that, he has Pratt ranked last lol
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    2023 Transfer QB

    How is that an issue?
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    '22 NJ CB Jayden Bellamy (Notre Dame Signee)

    Micah Bell and Christian Gray are going walk on camp as students for the first time and already be ahead of him on the depth chart too
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    2023 Transfer QB

    Give me Card
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    2023 Transfer QB

    Poor DJ. He and Pyne must think the same way about themselves. I wouldn't pay $10 for him.