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    UNC Postgame

    Pleasantly surprised and happy overall. Kind of sucked we gave them garbage points toward the end. Tommy did a great job. We are finally clicking but have lots to improve on.
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    Sept 24 | North Carolina

    I'm happy overall. We got a win!
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    '23 AZ OT Elijah Paige (Offer)

    WR for sure since we only landed Tobias last cycle.
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    Cal Postgame Thread

    Just happy for the win! Drew Pyne started really shaky. But the Defense played ok and then our OL started to take over and we finally won. There still is a ton of work left to do, but like I said 1-2 is better than 0-3!
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    Sept 17 | California

    Drew Pyne is horrible in this 1st quarter. Missing all over the place!
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    2022 Week 3 Prediction Poll: California @ Notre Dame

    24-22. Call wins. Another disappointment.
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    Sept 10 | Marshall

    Man, can't wait to this game. We need to get back on track. I'm hoping for 42 to 17.
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    2022 Week 1 Prediction Poll: (5) Notre Dame @ (2) Ohio State

    Honestly, I'm praying for a good close game to start this season. I want our boys to hang in there for all 4 quarters win or lose. We just have a ton of unknowns at this point. We have the talent to keep up with these guys, I'm just hoping for the best like everyone else. Just happy that ND...
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    2022 Week 1 Prediction Poll: (5) Notre Dame @ (2) Ohio State

    34 to 20 Ohio State. Now, I hope I'm wrong and we steal a win here but my gut tells me differently.
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    '23 MI QB Dante Moore (Oregon Verbal)

    Wow!!!! Just now seeing this!! Chipotle!! Really!!?? Hard to believe Chipotle is the best Mexican restaurant in South Bend. I do like them but I also like Taco Bell too. Found this to be amusing!
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    '23 MO RB Jeremiyah Love (Offer)

    I live in Indy also! What branch did you serve.. Army here.
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    ‘23 VA DL Armel Mukam (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Well welcome to Notre Dame young man!!
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    '24 TN CB Kaleb Beasley (Offer)

    I just casually stay on top of recruiting but not to the extent I used to. So much has changed over the last several years that it's hard to get excited about recruits. I have to remind myself at the end of the day these are 16, 17 year old kids. Overall I'm happy with our recruiting efforts...
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    ‘23 OH S Ben Minich (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Why isn't he listed with the other recruits under our verbals?