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  • Sorry to hear about your awful experiences in 2020. I hope the coming year will bring you glad tidings and much better luck! Your words in the Christmas thread really a note with me, it's encouraging to see someone still fighting despite the hand they were dealt, and appreciative of what they still have. It's a lesson for the rest of us to count our blessings. God bless!
    Thanks Bro. My wife and I cannot wait to go to a live ND game at South Bend. I know you will be cheering on where ever you may be.. I live on the windward (east) side Kaneohe area.. Your dad is on the Leeward (west) side.
    No I wasn't but I tried numerous times to get over their. I've been to alot of other places over there, Germany, Ireland, Turkey, Kuwait, Qutar, Bahrain, and Iraq. But nothing that would compare to Italy unfortunately.
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