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    '22 NJ CB Jayden Bellamy (Notre Dame Signee)

    And so it begins.
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    Dec 30 | South Carolina | Gator Bowl

    So Irish w out Foskey, Mayer, Pyne (meh), anyone else? Cocks w out the O Coordinator(?), and anyone else of note? I heard their OC took a job elsewhere, true or not?
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    '23 OH DE Brenan Vernon (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Being somewhat facetious after seeing Montgomery w his coaches this week. Thanks for the replies though 😁
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    '23 OH DE Brenan Vernon (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Wait is it a dead period? Is this illegal?
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    TRANSFER TIME..start a list

    What is the schools stance on the roughly 59% that don’t land elsewhere? I would think it’s fine to cut them loose from their scholly w out and backlash. I know each school can and will take their own stance on the issue but if I’m in a position of decision making I’d say you were looking thus...
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    '20 KY TE Michael Mayer (Notre Dame Signee)

    Not to mention how he will interview. He will impress the shit out of the GM’s he sits with.
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    Nov 26 | Southern Cal

    A bit more positive yes? We need more of that here. Good catch.
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    '25 CA ATH Jadyn Robinson

    135 lbs? Yikes.
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    '24 MO RB Aneyas Williams (Offer)

    Well Rivals has him as #1 APB in post above yours so they are.
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    Russia Invades Ukraine

    No I think it’s actually just 1 guy that shows up there. He’s still waiting for a dance partner. Lol.
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    '24 MO RB Aneyas Williams (Offer)

    Can the OP get updated w his current rankings? All say NR at this time. Is he a top 100 national player?
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    Russia Invades Ukraine

    Meet up at Irsay Gym parking lot. It’s a Y I’m told. All bets get settled there.
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    ‘23 TN QB Kenny Minchey (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Wait it’s one or the other not both. Can’t get ratings bump and be a ND kid.
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    Russia Invades Ukraine

    David Baldacci reader I suspect? The Whole Truth? Or was it another book?