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    '25 NC S Jadon Blair (Offer)

    Wow this kid looks 40. And slow for a safety.
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    ‘19 ASU NB Jordan Clark (ASU Grad Transfer- Notre Dame Commit)

    Dropped a pass he should have intercepted?
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    Rev. Bob Dowd, C.S.C. to be next ND President

    Another Freeman crony?
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    '24 GA OL Anthonie Knapp (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Well first he’d tell you he’s not a deck evaluator then he’d say the wood draws water too slowly. Then he’d ask about deck vs sunroom and ignore all the feedback given to him.
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    Matt Balis Resigns as Notre Dame Director of Football Performance

    Follow the money I guess. How far we’ve fallen.
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    TRANSFER TIME..start a list

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    '23 CA WR Rico Flores (Notre Dame Signee)

    Point confirmed. What a douche.
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    '23 CA WR Rico Flores (Notre Dame Signee)

    Go fuck yourself.
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    '22 WA WR Tobias Merriweather (Notre Dame Signee)

    Guess what, they aren’t all wired like Q. We’d all like AA nasties that become annual All Pros but that isn’t how they’re all made (hint he’s a WR not an IOL). Why don’t you just wish the kid well and be done w it instead of being some internet warrior that feels the need to shit on a kid that a...
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    '23 CA WR Rico Flores (Notre Dame Signee)

    I bet you thought Wes Welker was useless as well.
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    '24 CA WR Logan Saldate (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Was hoping it wasn’t a portal post before he even stepped foot on campus.
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    Coaching Carousel

    Short on cash?
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    Stanford postgame and post-2023 regular reason thread

    Joe Alt says hello and Blake Fisher is holding on line 1.
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    '25 AZ CB Cree Thomas (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Awesome, welcome Cree.