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    '19 CA QB Hank Bachmeier

    He's a grad transfer.
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    '20 NJ TE Kevin Bauman (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Evans will be coming back from injury too.
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    '21 NJ RB Audric Estime (Notre Dame Signee)

    Didn't Taylor have a "no reaching for the goal line" rule
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    '20 NJ TE Kevin Bauman (Notre Dame Verbal)

    I hope I'm wrong, but this may be it for him. Young guys may permanently move past him on the depth chart.
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    '18 AR OT Luke Jones (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Awesome, good for him.
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    '23 AZ OT Elijah Paige (Offer)

    SEC powers regularly schedule a big out-of-conference early. For example, Georgia since 2017 has scheduled big games early in 4 out of the 5 seasons ('20 doesn't count). They play Clemson again in '24 as well.
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    '21 NJ RB Audric Estime (Notre Dame Signee)

    With the player on the left bluffing, I thought that was a good pick-up.
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    ‘24 OH CB Karson Hobbs (South Carolina Verbal)

    I dunno guys....can we trust this kid's character if he backs out of his commitment to S. Carolina.
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    '23 LA QB Arch Manning (Texas Verbal)

    It was an official visit...lots of schools spend money like this.
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    '15 FL OLB Te'Von Coney (Notre Dame Early Enrollee)

    Along with Tuck, these are the type of guys I hope Freeman is regularly getting around recruits. It won't sell all of them, but having first-hand experience talking about the 4 for 40 pitch will never hurt.
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    '23 MO RB Jeremiyah Love (Offer)

    I laughed way too hard at this. Lackey was a gift.
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    College Athletics Branding - Name Image Likeness Rules

    If this is all accurate, (I know the driving fast in a parking garage is) these guys may be feeding off each other if the culture is weak, but NIL didn't make these kids who they are. Unless they had guidance they trusted, these guys were always going to act out. I don't think any school is...
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    '20 CT QB Drew Pyne (Notre Dame Signee)

    If the line can't give him time, it won't matter what is potential ceiling or floor is. He and the offense as a whole will be garbage. I wouldn't even bother sending Angeli out their much if the line can't block. Just a taste of how bad it could be would be enough. No reason to let him take...
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    '24 MI QB CJ Carr (Notre Dame Verbal)

    He needs to not wear UA footwear until he has to pleaseandthankyou.