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    '23 MI QB Dante Moore (Oregon Verbal)

    This is where I’m at too. I’m not sure the entire true story ever comes out, but this is the most plausible based on what actual real reporting has been all along. Im sure ND feels burned, but shouldn’t go public as it’s a bad look to drag a kid for “changing his mind”
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    '21 CA QB Tyler Buchner (Notre Dame Early Enrollee)

    He’ll finish top 20ish if he stays healthy. I wouldn’t trade him for a lot of these guys. Once he’s throwing more, this list will look different I am quite bullish on him. To be fair, I was on Phil too. Although I don’t agree that he’s no good, he’s not quite what I thought he’d be
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    '23 MA WR Ronan Hanafin (Clemson Verbal)

    I feel like Weis recruited offensive talent extremely well and had some great defensive talent too. ProblEm seemed to be severe lack of depth. The bottom and lower bottom of the class seemed to lack good depth pieces. Also the assistant coaches and CW didn’t really develop the depth well. That...
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    '23 MI QB Dante Moore (Oregon Verbal)

    He screams insecurity when he repeatedly mentions how he’s the boss. A supervisor that has to keep telling people he’s the boss is annoying and irritating. His content is high and his football knowledge is high, but his personality seems to rub people the wrong way….. He’s not the worst, but...
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    ND's Talking Heads ... The good, bad & ugly

    And you came through like a champ! Thanks bro - haven’t remarked in some time, but you’re right there to prove me right.
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    ND's Talking Heads ... The good, bad & ugly

    In fairness I dared question all the Driskell hate around here and was accused of being too sensitive or some such by Mr Dale, so there’s history about this sort of thing. I very rarely post anymore because of the superiority complex many have here. I really enjoy many posters but some are...
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    ND Baseball!

    Really fun few days. Haven’t watched as much this year as last (busy), but caught the last 5 games. This team is fun to watch and I’m thrilled that I get to see them some more…. Thought UT was going to get going big at some point, but the pitching really held together. UT was also very easy to...
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    '23 CAN/MD DL Devan Houstan (Notre Dame Verbal)

    So awesome on the DL this year
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    '23 KS QB Avery Johnson (Kansas State Verbal)

    Really? No reason… If Moore is a silent commit (who knows), isn’t it better to keep another option or two within the realm of possibility…? What if Moore is a silent, changes his mind in the fall with NIL cash or whatever and Rees has no relationship with any other QBs? That is bad preparation...
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    April 23 | Blue-Gold Game

    Woof. Looking pretty rough. Perhaps the crazies calling for Pyne to start can settle down…..Perhaps they won’t
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    Thread of the Random

    I’m trying to understand how you’re bringing race into this incident…….Weird how obsessed some are with looking at nearly everything through that prism, but you do you I think it’s clear Will Smith has significant mental issues if that’s his reaction based on the circumstances. I have always...
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    '23 MI QB Dante Moore (Oregon Verbal)

    Ok fella. I don’t like how threads get derailed constantly with people complaining about him. I have less time than experts like yourself to dedicate to a message board. I’m not in the know like you. I come here generally to get a quick taste of the latest on recruiting/etc and see way more...
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    '23 MI QB Dante Moore (Oregon Verbal)

    This board is too busy complaining about Driskell to get excited. I’m very happy ND seems to be close to gaining his commitment and I’m not too concerned about who knew first….. I can’t believe how much energy is expended complaining about a guy that everyone hates allegedly
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    Jack Swarbrick Press Conference Disaster

    I like UA personally. I’m no fan of Nike and Adidas was meh imo