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    UNC Postgame

    May was good, but it was boom or bust. Our defense gave up a handful of very big plays.
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    UNC Postgame

    1) Really good job by Tommy Rees building back Pyne's confidence. He is absolutely not good enough to win us an NC, but he is good enough to continue the Brian Kelly tradition of replacing a high-ceiling dual-threat QB with a low-ceiling game-manager and salvage a season. 2) Hilarious that...
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    '23 AZ OT Elijah Paige (Offer)

    I've thought this many times.
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    Law School Advice.

    Nice job! That test is so intimidating! Passing is a real accomplishment.
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    '19 KY DT Jacob Lacey (Notre Dame Signee)

    Also interesting that he was one of the DTs that seemed built to carry more weight, coming in around 300, and has actually lost significant weight. I like the the training staff has worked around his body, rather than their need for beef.
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    Sept 24 | North Carolina

    Should us being ranked #17-18 surprise us?
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    UND News (General)

    I agree that the faculty side of things is more important. You are the one who said "Catholic identity of ND is not in any danger, as long as they continue to stick somewhere around the 80% figure for all new entrants. Heck they could go down to 70% and it's still not an issue." And the logic...
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    UND News (General)

    This is just not the case. Even if you pretend that everyone who self-identifies as Catholic contributes equally to Catholic identity--which they obviously do not--the admission department is fully aware that lots of kids check the box hoping to get an advantage in admissions, and never show up...
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    UND News (General)

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    WTF does ESPN have WNBA as the main story on landing page?

    Do you know this for a fact? From a pure profit perspective, there is a strong case that it doesn't make a ton of sense to promote a low income-stream investment when it requires you to divert time, energy, and money from your MUCH bigger investments. For example, ESPN3 lacrosse coverage...
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    Sept 17 | California

    That would a worked if Pyne was bigger or faster… just sayin.
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    Sept 17 | California

    Sit Tyree now. His GPS says 20 yards!!!!!
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    Tommy Rees - Offensive Coordinator

    Here is a theory which does not involve Tommy being an idiot: Freeman says, we are here to win championships, not for moral victories The coaches recognized that: (a) there was no way we were going to win a championship based on Buchner's arm, (b) Buchner is injury-prone and the two back-ups...
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    Tommy Rees - Offensive Coordinator

    Like everything else, they went with the low-hanging fruit because they feared the 60 days of social media-purgatory that would have been created by the fans and recruits had we waited for Fickell. So they went with the social-media lovefest story, ensuring that all the arrows would trend up...
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    Marcus Freeman Revisited

    Hmmm... The FSU and Toledo games tell me (1) last year's team sucked at times too, (2) if we had Coan, Williams, and Austin, this team would be better.