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    '23 MA WR Ronan Hanafin (Clemson Verbal)

    Not too concerned. We’ve gotten some good prospects this class, and if Love does join aboard - he and Edwards offer some positional flexibility as RB/WR hybrids
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    '21 GA WR Deion Colzie (Notre Dame Signee)

    If it’s a brace, it’s probably a sprain. Can be a two to six week injury, depending on which ligament and how severe the sprain is. I’m sure there will be updates to follow
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    '23 KS RB Dylan Edwards (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Except 50 pounds difference. Edwards will need to eat his first two years lol
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    '23 LA LB Jaiden Ausberry (Notre Dame Verbal)

    For me, he can have that. Just with his comments after his departure about the recruiting difficulties, and inability to get over the blowout playoff losses, I don’t want to see him climb much higher than that at LSU.
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    2022 Fall Camp Thread

    The DLiners beefed up a bit as well. Ehrensberger from 255 to 267 Mills from 283 to 292 Big K from 310 to 323 Foskey from 260 (or 255) to 265
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    '23 FL DE Keon Keeley (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Citing contacts in the Tampa Area, and impressions of his Alabama visit, Andrew Ivins believes Alabama is the team to beat. No CB as of now, but he feels Keeley ends up in the Tide’s recruiting class.
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    '23 KS RB Dylan Edwards (Notre Dame Verbal)

    He strikes me as the type of guy that would text his employees issues rather than face to face. “I pay you to agree with me”
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    '23 TX S Peyton Bowen (Notre Dame Verbal)

    I’ll add Lenzy as well in 2018
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    ‘23 TN QB Kenny Minchey (Pitt Verbal - Offer)

    Didn’t you post earlier today that you were gay? If you are a woman, my apologies. I have just been under the general assumption in my 10 years being a part of this board, that a large, if not the entire collective of us are men.
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    ‘23 TN QB Kenny Minchey (Pitt Verbal - Offer)

    You have an intense and direct way about you that is both refreshing and infuriating lol Such is the nature of assertiveness.
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    '18 MD DT Ja'Mion Franklin (Notre Dame Signee)

    It doesn’t seem right to me that a family can go into large amounts of debt as someone they love and cherish fights off a life or death disease. Not trying to make this political, but it just baffles me. I hope they get the financial assistance they need and that she recovers.
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    '23 KS RB Dylan Edwards (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Old, but established saying: “Great your best athletes in space with the ball.”
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    ‘23 TN DE/OLB Caleb Herring (Tennessee Verbal)

    Seems like they are pushing for a 5th DL this cycle. They had their focus on Moore, and seem to be expanding the board with quality players in Herring and Purchase. Players like Cross, Lacey, and Mensah are not guaranteed to be back as 5th years. It could be an issue of getting bodies to fill...