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New profile pic is throwing me off
FTR, I appreciate your posts and opinions on this board. I didn't want to beat a dead-horse on the Moore thread. Don't mean to come off as brash, we can agree to disagree here. I agree that landing a Moore type of prospect will be exactly what this program needs. But I also believe Buchner will pan out and think we are in a great spot with the 2024 QBs. Cheers brother, go Irish!
I just realized you're from Alabama. How'd you end up an Irish fan? I'm the resident Bama fan interloper. :)
I was born in Chicago and then moved to NW Indiana when I was starting 6th grade. One of my best buddies starting in 6th grade used to bleed blue and gold so I started to follow ND at that time and it just snowballed from there. Moved to Alabama about 8 years after college (Purdue) to help someone start a new company and have been here ever since. How about you, been a ‘Bama fan all your life?
I’m sorry about your dog as well. If that is him in your profile picture, he was a real champ.
Hey Man!

Thought you'd get a hoot that I'm sitting at a bar in Eugene Oregon with the Ducks D Coordinator on one side and the brother of ND's Women's LaCrosse goalie.

As soon as he told me who his sis was, I thought of you.

Go Irish!
So who is Bogs now? There have been a few times I thought this new poster or that one was him, but was never sure. Supposedly a mod confirmed that brownandfry was our old Bogs, but who knows.
Really hoping it's Shephard who gets the WR Coaching position. Really like what he's accomplished at Purdue in the past several seasons. That and the fact he's from my hometown, Ft Wayne, makes it even better. Ya also gained a follower on I can see what ya got on Twitterverse
Happy New Year Bill and family!

I was so hoping to meet you in Albany but Covid had other plans. Daughter graduated with a Masters in Forensic Biology and has gainful employment just outside of her field. Things will probably work for her in May or June of this year.

Appreciate your posts and moreso, appreciate the work that you do.

Hang in there and be safe for yourself and your family.

If I ever make it to Upper New York, dinner and drinks are on me. I can afford it.

Cheers and Go Irish!!

I really appreciate that and same to you! I’m really just starting to try and figure out this new website design. I don’t get up too far in NYS, as I’m pretty busy with the wife and kids. I just want to say, I’ve missed talking with you the most since I’ve pulled back on checking (or at least actively engaging) this site. I’m happy to provide my contact info anytime
Dorks, you must be talking about you and your relatives! This isn't meant to be funny .... FUCK Joe Biden because that mush brain bastard has fucked America!
Cheers, man.

While we disagree on some things, I'm sure you'd find me aces IRL.

Here's to a fruitful signing day tomorrow.
I just posted in the Website Problems thread that a few minutes ago, I got a message saying "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page. For assistance contact the site administrator." Here's the screenshot.
Thank you, I will for sure do some looking into it and let you know if I can find anything.
Yeah, someone spilled the beans on Browner being Bogs last week. The cheese has slid off his cracker while in isolation it seems.
Hey, stick around. BrownerAndFry will probably get banned again before long, don't sweat him. Maybe there's a way to put posters on Ignore still?
Has anyone had any success with treating depression? I’ve been struggling for the last 20 years and I’m really tired. I’m not sure how much longer I can go on.
So I had the same thoughts regarding Remdesivir when PerthDomer mentioned it. I've read plenty that has shown it ineffective and even harmful, but I didn't want to push back on his perspective anymore. He was very gracious in a personal message about our dialogue. And I think he intends well.

It just seems like something is broken and very few in the medical field want to admit it. The sense I continually get is that I am getting "the company line" and no one is answering from practiced medicine that is effective. These are the kinds of medical professionals I have been on the search for and have found, most notably Dr. Peter McCollough from Texas. He recommends a multi-drug early treatment approach that has shown significant benefits in reducing hospitalizations and deaths.

The statement PerthDomer made recently of "if we just get everyone vaccinated" then everything will be okay, concerns me, but doesn't surprise me. The limit to shut down a vaccination program has been 25-50 deaths. We are well into the thousands with these vaccines, 70/day since July. And yet the vast majority of medical professionals are screaming from the mountaintops "Get vaccinated!" This is the group think I am most concerned about. Dr. Peter McCollough argues 85% of the 670,000 plus who've died could have been prevented if an early treatment protocol was emphasized early on. So why not a more clear, nationwide, early treatment protocol by now? Something just seems off
Hey I think your PMs are full so I can’t send details about the UNC tickets. If you’re still interested shoot me a message once you clear those out.