Your heritage?

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Where are you from?

I'm amazingly 100% Irish, which is rare considering I'm 3rd generation American (at least on my dad's side, I'm only 2nd from my mom's) and at that point, practically no one has 'pure blood'.

My mom's side traces its roots to Lisburn, which is in Ulster and my dad's to Derry, which is also in Ulster. I have some ties to the IRB, too, which is pretty cool and my grandfather's brother, who lives in Belfast has an entire family of Sinn Fein supporters!

I'm probably leaving on a trip to visit Belfast before the summer is over, so I'm pretty excited about it.
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Vince Young

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I'm a little bit Irish, a little Scottish, a little English, and possibly even a little Greek, though nobody's entirely sure. (There's some French in there too, but we don't talk about that...)