NCAA 14 Roster Update


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I'm going to frequently post some updates on roster edits... ***FOR XBOX 360 ***

NCAA 14 Edited Roster (X360) - Page 13 - Operation Sports Forums

Download from Xbox 360 GamerTag: YUKON46


This roster has Special editing to names (if you like the .'s and -'s )

All Body fixes for Skinny and Fat Arms have been done

Dreads have been added to a bunch

Some Equip's here and there

Increased number of 90+ Overall Rated players

Increased number of 90+ Speed Rated players

Coaches have been Re-rated to a scale I think better matches what is in a Dynasty.

Coaches Run/Pass Ratios / Playbooks / Def Aggressive / CPU No-Huddle Aggr have all been Edited (much thanks to Fiddy for all this info !!)

WR's mass edited to match how they are created in future (Blocking and Carry ratings!)

CB's mass edited to lower Tackle Power

Top 25 Re-ranked off of Sporting News current Top 25 projections (from June...not Jan)

5 Teams got a Prestige rating change (1 Down/4 Up)

I'm sure there is some other stuff too.....

Xbox 360 Gamertag : Yukon46