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I am wanting to get into mountain biking, I was wondering if anyone here does it. I live in Michigan, so it's not "true" mountain biking. I am 6'4", 250 lbs. I am looking to spend $800 on a 29'er. Any suggestions?


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I ride alot. Its a very pricey sport. I would suggest buying a used bike and make sure you like it (suggest Cannodale, Trek), because if you really get into it- you can spend 5k on a bike. Granted where I live there is alot of Mt Biking and its big- I am looking at a Moots or Merlin.


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I love riding my Santa Cruz Driver 8. Cycling is pricey, and you don't get much for the money on a new bike unless you spend $2k and up. A decent used bike can be had for a fraction of that cost, which is what I would recommend for someone new to the sport. It's hard to find a 29er for that range because they're still relatively new, so they're still pricey. You want to find a bike with a decent drive train and groupset. Shimano XT and SLX are good entry-level groupsets. SRAM X9 is good as well if you wanna go the SRAM route. I've had very good luck with Fox forks. I've had 3 models for 3 different styles and they've never let me down. You're definitely going to want an XL sized frame at 6'4". I'm 6'0" 200 lbs, and until I spent serious dough on a wheelset, I had a big problem with beating up wheels. The more weight you're carrying, the better components you're gonna need to withstand it.
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