Laughable post by an O$U fan

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The thread was titled "An Open Invitation to all Recruits...Why you should be a Buckeye!"

I especially like the portions that emphasize values, education, tradition, and family. There are some great things about O$U, I'll admit that much.

But I think the tradition was way over-blown. Simply put, O$U doesn't have much. I've been to a few Buckeye games, so I know; script Ohio is the single most overrated tradition in college football and I don't think it's ever rated very highly to begin with. If that's all they have---and his post certainly would indicate so (pep rallies at St. John Arena don't count under any circumstances)---then I don't know why he bothered to post it.

I've never heard the phrase "there's nothing comparable to a game in..." followed by "the horse-shoe". And I'm not saying going to ND to watch a game is the only unique setting, Texas A&M for example, is testament to that.

* I've witnessed the singing of Carmen Ohio and I can say that I did not see one teary-eyed fan.

*The family aspect at O$U is true. Every Ohio citizen treats an O$U player like their brother. Families are very close in Ohio and one brother wouldn't hesitate for a second to give another (Troy Smith for example) concert tickets (trust me, that's the tip of the iceberg). It's one big, gift-giving family indeed!

1) Values - Coach Tressel and his staff are simply the best at creating a supportive, learning, principled environment for growth as a student, player, and as a person preparing for all of life's challenges. (Oglaigh's comment: I am really considering making this my sig right now)
2) Family - one that supports and cares for tOSU and each other on the field and in life. A Family that turns BCS Bowl Games into Home Games - ask Miami and ND!
3) Tradition – games at The Shoe – nothing compares, TBDBITL coming down the tunnel and “Across the Field”; Script OHIO - Incomparable; the Victory Bell, Buckeye Grove, the Woody Hayes Center; adds up to more tradition than you’ll find anywhere.
4) Pride – the Team singing Carmen Ohio along with TBDBITL and 105,000+ teary eyed fans after every game in the SHOE - win or lose!
5) More Pride – the Team walking into a pre-game Skull Session in St. John Arena with Coach Tressel before every home game, and hearing TBDBITL and a full house of 14,000 screaming OSU fanatics paying honor and tribute to our beloved BUCKEYEs!
6) Development - tOSU simply has the best people, facilities and skills development programs bar none, aimed at your academic, individual, position and team needs.
7) Unlimited Opportunity to:
- reach your fullest potential as a student, player, team member and person;
(Oglaigh's comment: I just love this one.. really, I do, I can't stop laughing. Tell that to the mother of one of Santonio Holme's kids, I'm sure she loves the person he has become so much it hurts, lol)
- be recognized for excellence - as a Big Ten or All-American honoree like so many other OSU players, or as a member of a Big Ten or National Champion team – we do plan on winning many more in the years ahead!
- win a Heisman Trophy - tOSU does get noticed by HT voters time and time again (5 to be exact). Even our O-Lineman come close as Orlando Pace demonstrated!(Oglaigh's comment: wow.. big deal.)
- help Ted Ginn, Jr. or Chris "Beanie" Wells win one. Oh, and Troy Smith will have already won this year's HT by the time you arrive!
- become a highly drafted NFL player - even a Number 1 pick as an OSU lineman did in recent history! Overall, few teams send as many skilled players and starters to the NFL year in and year out as tOSU does.
8) Preparation - nothing prepares you for the NFL better than practicing and playing under different and challenging conditions week to week, as all NFL players have to do.
- First, you will play before more loud fans each week in the Big Ten, both at The Shoe and at away games, than most other stadiums in the sporting world.
- Second, there is no better year round climate than in Columbus OHIO. While most games are played on sunny and warm Ohio Fall days - you will also get an occasional taste of what it might be like in an NFL playoff game in say Green Bay, Buffalo, New England, NYC, etc. Not too often - but just enough to know what to expect and how to deal with it.
(Oglaigh's comment: are you kidding me? Does this guy even live in Ohio? Has he ever even been to Ohio? The weather can be so shi**y here that it's one reason why I'm almost certainly going south for school. I've never heard anyone north of the mason-dixie line praise their weather. Why do you think people flock to Florida to retire?)

While we know there are many other fine schools with great traditions - tOSU is simply the best, and we hope to see you wearing the Scarlet and Gray - real soon!!!