Fake Punt - NO EMOTION



Forgetting the fact that we once again were blown out by USC, I feel that the Notre Dame football program has hit an all-time low. USC fakes a punt and throws another touchdown with 5-1/2 minutes to go and I saw no emotion from our players or the coaches. We do not even show emotion when it is apparent that another team is rubbing it in and using you as a stepping stone for a title game and the heisman. Disgusting - this is the word that comes to my mind when I think of our emotions. I am not down on our players, I think we have some of the best athletes in the nation. Athletes with great talent that is being wasted by a coaching staff like this. The only coach that I can say that I like is a Bob Davie holdover- Mattison.
If we do not fire this staff this year, everone who is defending them now will be joining the rest of us in another year. This program is in a tailspin and we are only hurting our future reqruiting. I want to finish by saying thanks to the players for trying acheive and doing their best. They unfortunately are the ones who get blamed by the media. A lot of players this year had a good season- Thanks!


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ND needs to play with emotion and show it like you said. USC is playing the way ND should be playing against anyone. ND is too conservative in almost all sports!!! We feel sorry for our opponents when/if we are beating them by double digits so we stop playing and guess what, end up putting the game on the line when all they had to do was keep playing!