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long time lurker, 1st time poster, and i have a very important question concerning the irish's bowl possibilities

i'm going to assume usc and texas win out. i will be rooting for texas since usc, in their neverending (as well as hopeless and pathetic) quest to be better than notre dame, has gone back in time to claim national championships and they now have 10 and are inching up on our crown (i'm not even going to address alabama and their championship claiming issues). so anyway, there's your rose bowl

now on to my question. as a 2005 grad who grew up and now lives in florida, i still have a bad taste in my mouth after driving over 3 hours to watch us get spanked in the gator bowl. but this year's team is different and i firmly believe we can beat any team in the country. as a result, i am dead set on going to our bcs bowl game. the orange bowl would be a hop, skip, and a jump away from me (actually a 4 hour drive, but that's no skin off my back). i also have friends who live near sun devil stadium, so there's no way i can pass up that party. anyways, my actual question is, since i am a 2005 grad and have officially learned that money does now grow on trees, would buying a flight now to phoenix be a dumb idea? i ask because flights are already relatively expensive and will only become more so as time passes

according to all the bowl predictions i've read, and i've read way too many of them, the fiesta bowl will get the 1st shot and common sense seems to point to the irish (amazing new coach, next year's heisman trophy winner, extraordinary eastern european athletes, fans willing to travel, national following, etc.). does anyone see any possibility that the fiesta will pick another team, say penn st/ohio st/va tech, at which point i can't imagine the orange not picking notre dame since they automatically get the acc champ and we would be matched up against miami or fsu (just listing fsu because it's possible; unlikely, but possible). last week penn st/alabama was a definate possibility, but not anymore, and that would have been the only match-up that i could see the fiesta bowl choosing over notre dame (notice how it takes two teams to create a more desirable bowl game than notre dame alone)

sorry for the long post, but i've read some very good notre dame analysis on this site and i figure this would be the best place to start planning for new year's. and i'm so unbelievably happy i can finally plan my new year's around the irish

thanks for any help


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As I understand it Fiesta gets first crack and ND fills rooms and makes TV sets turn on, the real reasons bowls exist. ND/PSU is touted as the biggest draws for the TV market. There seems to be a lot of ND fans banking on it and already buying tickets, game and airline, and locking in hotel rooms.

I believe the prospect of ND to the Orange revolves around the unlikely prospect of Miami going to Fiesta to because they won't fill hotel rooms in Miami. Hell, they don't fill their own stadium on game day. The other prospect is USC losing to UCLA and Miami jumping them in the polls. I would take a one loss USC or one loss Texas over Miami without any consideration.

Personally I'd like ND in the Sugar in Hotlanta a 2 hr drive for me.

Probability says buy a Fiesta ticket.

Caveat emptor.

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Here's my plan:

Make sure my computer and my TV are in the same room on BCS selection day. Have various travel and sports ticket websites up and running and ready to go on my computer, and the INSTANT they announce Notre Dame's bowl game, spring into action.


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BRING ON THE F!CKEYE$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a carcass full of revenge waiting for them and their crappier than UF fans....


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Domer95 said:
BRING ON THE F!CKEYE$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have a carcass full of revenge waiting for them and their crappier than UF fans....

Hell yeah Domer!!!! If we meet these's TIME TO UNLEASH HELL. I'm still thinking ND-PSU in the Fiesta.


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If SC, Texas and ND all win out...

ND goes Fiesta unless those guys are dumb. Everything after that depends on who does what. Should Ohio State beat scUM, it looks likely they'll play ND in the Desert.

Someone is going to try and matchup up Miami and Penn State in the Orange Bowl.


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I would like to see ND-Alabama in the Fiesta Bowl Personally. But OSU I wouldn't mind either. I just don't want to face PSU or VTech