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    Which College Do Students Pick

    SIAP, I will delete the thread if this is posted elsewhere but this is a cool little feature done by the NY Times examining where kids end up picking to go to school when they are admitted to multiple schools...
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    2014- 2016 Schedules

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    Video Game Enthusiast Wants to Coach North Dakota

    Soooo good. Football Video Game Enthusiast Wants to Coach North Dakota, Promises to “Chuck the pigskin” | The Big Lead
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    '14 IL LB Nile Sykes (Indiana Transfer)

    Linebacker Oak Park, IL Montini Catholic Height: 6-2 Weight: 223 Rankings: 247: :s::s::s: #34 OLB #459 Overall Rivals: :s::s::s: #22 ILB Scout: :s::s::s: #56 OLB ESPN: :s::s::s: #29 OLB 247Comp: :s::s::s: #34 OLB Offers: Illinois Indiana Iowa State Missouri Syracuse Cincinnati EMU NIU...
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    '15 PA RB Josh Adams (Notre Dame Signed NLI)

    Running Back Warrington, PA Central Bucks South Height: 6'1 Weight: 182 Rankings: 247: :s::s::s::s: #12 RB #127 Overall Scout: :s::s::s::s: #27 RB | #199 Overall 247Comp: :s::s::s::s: #12 RB #147 Overall Offers: Notre Dame Penn State Stanford Pitt BC Temple Highlights: Josh Adams -...
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    '14 WI OG George Panos (Wisconsin Verbal)

    Offensive Guard Hartland, Wisconsin Arrowhead HS Height: 6'5 Weight: 308 Rankings: Rivals: :s::s::s: #21 OG 247: :s::s::s::s: #14 OG #246 Overall Scout: :s::s::s::s: #13 OG ESPN: :s::s::s: #40 OG 247 Comp: :s::s::s: #18 OG #315 Overall Offers: Wisconsin (Committed) Arkansas Florida State...
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    Trojans For Life

    4 lifeeeeee. <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Everything Soccer

    Can't believe I missed this. Really shocked that he is coming back from Europe. His days at Tottenham were numbered but would not have thought he would come back to MLS. Kind of a head scratcher honestly.
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    Everything Soccer

    I saw the offer was extended by Klinsmann but haven't seen where he accepted. DO you have a linK? EDIT: So with everyone reporting that he was called up I guess that means he has agreed to play?
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    Best Buy iPhone Offer

    Just did this, and surprisingly it really is free. Just have to pay tax and they add the activation charge (like $30) to you next cell phone bill. Have to be eligible for an upgrade and your current iPhone has to be working properly. I saved down all my stuff to a flash drive and iCloud before I...
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    Not A Joke: ND Perfume

    University of Notre Dame to Release Perfume for Fall Football Season
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    '14 GA LB Kevin Mouhon (Offer)

    Inside Linebacker Norcross, GA Norcross HS Ht: 6-2 | Wt: 225 | 40: 4.60 Rankings: 247: :s::s::s::s: #6 ILB #147 Overall Rivals: :s::s::s::s: #15 OLB Scout: :s::s::s: #20 MLB ESPN: :s::s::s::s: #11 ILB 247 Comp: :s::s::s::s: #13 ILB #288 Overall Offers: Tennessee Notre Dame Arizona Arkansas...
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    '15 WI QB James Morgan

    Pro-style Quarterback Green Bay, WI Ashwaubenon HS Ht: 6-4 | Wt: 190 Rankings: 247: :s::s::s::s: #9 Pro QB #141 Overall Interest: Notre Dame Michigan State Stanford Wisconsin <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"...
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    '14 CA WR Erik Brown (Cal Verbal)

    Wide receiver Fontana, CA Height: 6'1 Weight: 170 Rankings: 247: :s::s::s::s: #23 WR #186 Overall Rivals: :s::s::s::s: #16 WR #111 Overall Scout: :s::s::s::s: #30 WR 247 Comp: :s::s::s::s: #20 WR #156 Overall Offers: UCLA Notre Dame California Boise State Oregon State Arizona Arizona State...
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    '14 CA DL Matt Dickerson (UCLA Verbal)

    Strong-Side Defensive End San Mateo, CA (Junipero Serra) Ht: 6-5 | Wt: 275 | 40: 4.90 Rankings: 247: :s::s::s: #66 DT ESPN: :s::s::s::s: #27 DT Rivals: :s::s::s::s: #244 Overall Scout: :s::s::s::s: #9 DE #171 Overall 247Comp: :s::s::s: #39 DT #591 Overall Offers: Notre Dame Arizona Arkansas...
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    WhiskeyJack Making Moves: OFD Podcast

    OFD Podcast, Episode 3: Golson, Vanderdoes, & ROI - One Foot Down
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    Everything Soccer

    Sounds "piratey" to me.
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    Everything Soccer

    Well then he deserved to have his jersey burned.
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    Everything Soccer

    LOL thats what I was gonna ask. I thought he has the sacred cow.
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    '15 CA DT Jacob Daniel (USC Verbal)

    Defensive Tackle Clovis, CA Clovis North Height: 6'4 Weight: 298 Rankings: 247: :s::s::s::s::s: #4 DT #15 Overall Offers: Notre Dame Washington Cal Oklahoma Miami Oregon State San Diego State Utah Wisconsin Colorado Fresno State Hawaii Houston Jacob Daniel - Highlight Videos, Schedule &...