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    Funny picture thread...

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    Favorite and least favorite on-campus road game that you've gone to?

    Favorite: 2012 at USC to get in the championship. Celebrated for drinks in Orange County - had to get out of LA - and people were congratulatory and super cool. Least favorite: 2015 at Stanford. The outcome and one of the dozen Stanford fans there was incredibly annoying post-game
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    '24 VA LB Chris Cole (Offer)

    That’s how I feel every time I click on a new thread hoping to see Banned underneath your name.
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    '25 MS QB Deuce Knight (Offer)

    So much for being the smartest guy in the room
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    '24 CA LB Kyngstonn Viliamu-Asa (Offer)

    The number of bans has to be in the double digits by now.
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    '19 TX S Brandon Joseph (Northwestern Transfer -> Notre Dame Verbal)

    It was not bad advice for Mayer to leave early.
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    '24 MI QB CJ Carr (Notre Dame Verbal)

    He was hurt his sophomore year. Here is an article from Driskell about Buchner with his junior stats- 2019 Stats: 4,474 passing yards, 1,610 rushing yards, 53 passing touchdowns, 28 rushing touchdowns
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    Banned Users

    Got a feeling he is back and reincarnated as Bip
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    '24 TN CB Kaleb Beasley (Tennessee Verbal)

    So what banned user were you before joining today?
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    '24 MI QB CJ Carr (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Glad Rees is still serving as Loy’s insider. Is he really going to recruit over Sayin?
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    '24 MO OL Talan Chandler (Colorado Verbal)

    No. Dublin is just getting a head start on the next NSD.
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    Al Golden - Defensive Coordinator

    These coordinator threads are harder to read than the game day threads
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    Off-topic posts formerly found in recruiting profiles

    This thread already took Dale away from us. Now it’s looking like a new victim this weekend.
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    Notre Dame Transfer Portal 2022-2023

    After catching up on today’s posts, I just really felt like this sums things up quite well.
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    TRANSFER TIME..start a list

    Is this guy electric….
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    Can you imagine thinking TB is good?

    It must be the burner account for that Naz poster and he’s feeling extra salty now
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    '24 MI TE Brady Prieskorn (Michigan Verbal)

    More like doublinIrish, right?!?!