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  1. ShawneeIrish

    2022-2023 Notre Dame Men's Basketball

    Glad Brey went out with a win, thanks for the memories Coach.
  2. ShawneeIrish

    Next ND Offensive Coordinator - the search

    I saw Byron Leftwich already mentioned which seems unrealistic to me but would be a great hire if he would take the job and is interested in being in college coaching.
  3. ShawneeIrish

    Coaching Carousel

    Things are certainly hard for HBCUs. For another example, better than Deon look at Eddie George at Tennessee St. he is taking the slow work to improve the university, not just the football program. This is a school the state of TN illegally withheld money from for years and illegally prioritized...
  4. ShawneeIrish

    2022-2023 Notre Dame Men's Basketball

    Brey announcing his retirement at the end of the year was the right move. I hope this gets him a nice farewell for his final home games instead of calls for him to be fired. Happy trails Coach, thanks for the great memories, maybe can get another nice win or two on the way out.
  5. ShawneeIrish

    2022-2023 Notre Dame Men's Basketball

    I don’t disagree that it is time for a change at the end of the year. I have however seen people saying losses are a good thing to be rid of Brey. My point is more like someone else said above it may be time for a change but Brey should still be treated with respect for what he did on and off...
  6. ShawneeIrish

    2022-2023 Notre Dame Men's Basketball

    I was at that game too and a bunch of other really fun moments around those years like beating #1 Syracuse, UK, etc. Also would see Brey in Legends and he could not have been nicer, BK was an arrogant jerk on the other hand. Unfortunately I think Brey is reaching the end but I am not going to...
  7. ShawneeIrish

    '20 KY TE Michael Mayer (Notre Dame Signee)

    Would be pretty cool if he ended up a Bengal.
  8. ShawneeIrish

    The Boxing Thread

    If you have even a remote interest in boxing the fight you want to see is GGG - Canelo. This nonsense is just a circus. It is also insulting to real boxers who spend years honing their craft. A guy with little boxing skill and no experience getting a huge pay day and a chance to beat Mayweather...
  9. ShawneeIrish

    RIP Gene Wilder

    I of course loved him as Willy Wonka and Young Frankenstein was amazing. As a huge fan of Richard Pryor their work together is special to me, See No Evil, Hear No Evil was comedy gold. Gene Wilder death: Star of Willy Wonka dies aged 83 - BBC News
  10. ShawneeIrish

    RIP Phife Dawg of Tribe Called Quest

    Phife Dawg was a true hip hop legend. Tribe made some incredible albums and songs and Phife was obviously integral to it all. He will be missed. RIP. Tribe Called Quest star Phife Dawg dies aged 45 - BBC News
  11. ShawneeIrish

    IE HoF Poll - Jerian Grant

    Jerian Grant Really an amazing player for the ND men's basketball team that has some awe inspiring moments over his career. Had an academic suspension but returned to graduate. - NCAA Consensus First Team All American in 2014-15 - Led Notre Dame to first ever basketball conference...
  12. ShawneeIrish

    RIP Yogi

    RIP Yogi Berra. A true baseball legend. Credited with a slew of wonderful sayings. Stormed the beaches of Normandy. One of the greatest catchers of all time. My grandfather has told me of when his American Legion baseball team from Kansas City was in the Missouri championship against a team from...
  13. ShawneeIrish

    Everything Soccer

    Yeah huge win! First major trophy in nine years amidst Wenger facing increased criticism.
  14. ShawneeIrish

    At Notre Dame if you can play, you can play

    Fantastic that the University did this. <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  15. ShawneeIrish

    Jared Lorenzen former UK/Giants QB 320 lb gunslinger

    Maybe he should switch to NT? Not sure how a guy this fat can play QB even in a second rate arena league but this is awesomely hillarious. Jared Lorenzen, At 320 Pounds, Is Still Playing Quarterback
  16. ShawneeIrish

    The Two Americas

    Read a great commentary from David Simon (co-creator of The Wire) today on the two different realities on life in America. People of different political persuasions may differ on the cure, but it is irresponsible to ignore the problem. There are an increasing number of Americans who do not see...
  17. ShawneeIrish

    Getting To Know Each Other Survey

    Name? ShawneeIrish Age? 32 Location? Kentucky Married? No Kids? No Favorite Current Irish Coach? Tony Alford or Harry Hiestand Favorite Current Irish Player? Louis Nix Favorite All-Time Irish Coach? Lou Holtz Favorite All-Time Irish Player? Manti Te'o Fan, Student or Alumni? Alumni Season Ticket...
  18. ShawneeIrish

    Everything Soccer

    Colombia is #3 because of Falcao. I was there when they beat Paraguay. Did not make it to the match, but watching the 2nd half at a bar and drinking Aguardiente with the locals while they celebrated was a great time.
  19. ShawneeIrish

    Everything Soccer

  20. ShawneeIrish

    Everything Soccer

    Well U.S. absolutely dominated possession. Had a couple good first half chances. Donovan just was not able to locate the ball in time on one. The other was just a wasted opportunity by Bedoya. Hopefully the goals will come in the second half, but Panama is pretty tough along the back line. Going...