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  1. IrishinTN

    Banned Users

    Bring back the Deer!
  2. IrishinTN

    '23 TX S Peyton Bowen (Oklahoma Signee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    Yes, he's already entered the transfer portal...
  3. IrishinTN

    Worst Christmas Song

    Wow. When did this thread become a food thread? And it's without a doubt, Christmas Shoes. One of the worst and dumbest songs i ever heard.
  4. IrishinTN

    '23 FL DE Keon Keeley (Alabama Verbal)

    Yes he is. Always been a pretty good guy to have around here.
  5. IrishinTN

    2022 Week 8 Prediction Poll: UNLV @ Notre Dame

    Why is ND giving anyone 27 points?
  6. IrishinTN

    2022 Week 3 Prediction Poll: California @ Notre Dame

    1. ND Defense 2. Cal 3. ND Offense
  7. IrishinTN

    Ok what’s next?

    Buchner is benched. Probably out for the year.
  8. IrishinTN

    When Will ND Get It's First Win?

    I wanted to add a "they don't win" but i ran out of options.
  9. IrishinTN

    When Will ND Get It's First Win?

    So what's your guess? Right now i'm thinking UNLV. Votes are public.
  10. IrishinTN

    Marshall Postgame

    When i said last week we weren't very good and neither is OSU, i got nothing but flack. I still wish i was wrong. Now my question is when will ND get it's first win?
  11. IrishinTN

    How bad will it get lounge

    3-4 wins, if we're lucky.
  12. IrishinTN

    2022 Post-Game: Ohio State

    If they dick around UNC and BYU will give us problems. Clemson and USC are even stronger challenges.
  13. IrishinTN

    2022 Post-Game: Ohio State

    Time will tell. Love to be wrong.
  14. IrishinTN

    2022 Post-Game: Ohio State

    We aren't that good. And Ohio State isn't either. We are looking at a 9-3, 8-4 type of season.
  15. IrishinTN

    Scott Sterling!!

    If you have never seen these and need a good laugh, enjoy...laughed so hard nearly pissed my pants..
  16. IrishinTN

    Train Hero Stabbed

    Sad news. Hope he recovers quickly... U.S. hero of French train attack stabbed in Calif.
  17. IrishinTN

    Snake Identification

    So I go outside last night and my neighbor has a flashlight and a rake and a look of fear on his face, so I'm like "What ya got, Louis?" He says "A snake and its stuck in a glue trap." So I go over and sure enough, there is this huge yellowish with black diamonds snake stuck in one of those...
  18. IrishinTN

    Everything Soccer

    Sorry if posted before but really made me laugh...
  19. IrishinTN

    Everything Soccer

    So there's a new Lennon in Liverpool?