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    Armchair Quarterback

    If any of you like to follow the Pro Game too you should check out Armchair Quarterback. The site was started by a hard-core ND fan that some of you might know. It's brand new so if any of you want to help be a Mod for a specific teams forum let "Papa Bear " know. Armchair Quarterback - NFL...
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    Hey Now!

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    Do it for America

    Guinness World Record :awesomewo
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    GoshenGipper would be 26 today

    Will all miss you GG :clover: Go Irish
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    I say

    for the heck of it lets bring the avatars back
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    Washington DC

    We are leaving on a family vacation to Washington DC this Saturday. Does anyone have thoughts on places that are a must and things that would be OK to miss :)
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    I feel that it is only right that I start a thread in honor of my IE father HCTI. :allhail:
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    Getting To Know Each Other Survey

    I watch it for the medical information
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    :jump: :mob: :jump: :djparty: :allhail: :djparty: :thewave: :dogpile: :thewave: :wink:
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    I know your IE dream has been to have a thread with your name on it so here you are :bbanana: :pbanana: :gbanana: :pbanana: :bbanana: :gbanana:
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    Congrats Giants Fans

    :allhail: for sticking it to my Patriots:boohoo:
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    Light a candle for David

    The Green Candle // Pray // University of Notre Dame light a candle for littlerick77 son David
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    Patriots vs Giants

    NFL arranges simulcast of Patriots-Giants on NFL Network, CBS and NBC The game is going to be on the NFL Network, CBS and NBC
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    [NFL] Browns vs Bengals

    Browns are a 3 point fav.
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    Congrats to SoCalDomer

    for hitting number 2000 :jump: :mob: :djparty: :mob: :jump: :banana: :thewave: :cbanana: :thewave: :pepper: :cheers: :dogpile: :allhail: :dogpile: :cheers: :smilewink
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    You know what you did :devil_2: It took me a little while to figure it out :scatter: but I saw it WAS you :countdown I will have my revenge :boxing: :dogpile:
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    The Celtics are now 7-0 how good are they ? Are they the next NBA Champions ?
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    1,000 :bbanana: :pbanana: :clap: :rock: :bbanana: :pbanana:
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    Word Game

    I write a word and you write the word that comes to your head.. This thread is for Karmepolice USC