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  1. Vince Young

    I'm going into hibernation...

    With spring practices and the Blue-Gold Game finally done, I think I'm going to go into hibernation mode here for a while. I've found myself posting way less, skimming more, and skipping lots of threads entirely lately. For the next few months the only thing to discuss is going to be recruiting...
  2. Vince Young

    Munir Prince moves to defense!

    I can't see the full article because I don't subscribe to Rivals. (And I never will, those :censored:.) But Notre Dame's free front page at Rivals is reporting that Munir Prince has moved over from running back to cornerback. Interesting switch, and of course it immediately brings to mind...
  3. Vince Young

    BGS on Charlie's first spring practice presser Blue-Gray Sky has a nice summation of Charlie's first spring practice press conference, along with a link to the transcript and lots of practice video links. I don't have a whole lot to add, so I'll just...
  4. Vince Young

    [College Basketball] Who will win the 2007 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament?

    I have way too much free time today. :ogrin: So I figured I'd put this together. I couldn't find anything on other than the odds for the individual games themselves, so I took Danny Sheridan's odds out of USA Today and sliced 'em in half to keep things from getting too crazy. If one...
  5. Vince Young

    Will Lou pick Jones for the Blue & Gold game? :)

    The Blue-Gray Sky had an article today about Lou and Ara being picked as the coaches for the Blue & Gold Game this year, and they stated that it would be interesting to see what Ara could do with Jimmy Clausen. Which got me thinking... will we see Demetrius Jones running an option-offense for...
  6. Vince Young

    Zach Frazer: the invisible man?

    In the QB debate, you hear a lot about how Jimmy Clausen is OMG THE BESTEST QUARTRBAK EVAR!!!!1! You hear a lot about Demetrious Jones and his legs. You hear a lot about how Evan Sharpley has the experience edge on everyone else. And almost invariably, when people pick who they want as the...
  7. Vince Young


    My girlfriend's vegetarian co-worker went out to a restaurant with her mother and ordered a breakfast platter. The co-worker said to the waittress, "I'm a vegetarian, so could you put the bacon off to the side? I won't eat it, but my mother will." The waittress blinked once, then said, "If you...
  8. Vince Young

    Charlie Weis's signing day press conference

    Utterly amazed this hasn't been linked yet, so here ya go: Transcript: Video stream: Some highlights from the press conference, with responses and emphasis from me... 8 certain offensive...
  9. Vince Young

    [NFL Playoffs] New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts

    Hey, haven't we seen this game before already? Gentlemen... place your bets!
  10. Vince Young

    [NFL Playoffs] New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears

    We know New Orleans can handle 16 feet of water... but can they handle a few inches of snow? We're about to find out. Gentlemen, place your bets!
  11. Vince Young

    What should college football's postseason system be?

    The argument always seems to be bowls versus playoffs. But what sort of playoff are we talking about exactly? Lots of formats to choose from.
  12. Vince Young

    That's not a mullet!

    That's not a mullet! That's a classic 70's shag, man. I'm lookin' at you, HereComeTheIrish... :devil:
  13. Vince Young

    Bench Aldridge

    BENCH ALDRIDGE Oh, wait, I'm supposed to wait for him to start a game before I post that? Terribly sorry. Guess I got ahead of myself.
  14. Vince Young

    I'm changing my sig line.

    Y'know, I think it's time I changed my sig. For the better part of two years, it's read as follows: "But hey, I once thought Ty deserved a 4th year, so what the hell do I know? :rolleyes:" It's been a great reminder to myself not to take my own opinions too seriously, but I really don't like...
  15. Vince Young

    I changed my mind.

    "LSU will rock us." "LSU is gonna frickin' kill us." "I still think we're gonna get killed..." "Seriously, we're gonna get killed." "We're dead. We are so dead. If we win this game I will die of joy. We. Are. Dead." "I will be ecstatic if we pull off this win." "LSU is gonna kill us. They will...
  16. Vince Young

    "Knock them off their media high horse..."

    Courtesy of The Blue-Gray Sky, who pulled it from an article on the Louisiana-based The Town Talk website... "Yeah, they are the darlings of the media world. Hopefully we can knock them off their media high horse that they are always on. We want to show everybody that they don't really deserve...
  17. Vince Young

    BCS Math (including why LSU can't play in the Rose Bowl)

    Yes, you read that right. If Florida goes to the championship game, the Rose Bowl can't pick LSU unless the Sugar Bowl gives them permission to. More on that later. But first... Alrighty, here's the BCS math today! For anyone who's head spins at trying to follow the BCS selection criteria...
  18. Vince Young

    It's snowing tonight in Florida.

    Just in case any of our Floridians are awake with me tonight, just pulled this off of the National Weather Service website. It's the current Short Term Forecast for Orlando, FL... SHORT TERM FORECAST NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE MELBOURNE FL 1126 PM EST TUE NOV 21 2006 .NOW... THROUGH 1 AM...LIGHT...
  19. Vince Young

    Jigga's black jersey

    Jigga? After today, you can wear that black jersey of yours anytime. That is all.
  20. Vince Young

    CSTV's ND-AF online stream: is it a scam?

    Earlier today I signed up for the early-bird special on CSTV's online pay-per-view stream of the ND-AF game... I figured I could spend way too much time trying to find a bar near here that has CSTV and would be willing to show the ND game on even one of their screens and then spend easily $15 on...