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  1. Mattmags

    '23 TX WR Jaden Greathouse (Notre Dame Signee)

    The last "most ready receiver" I can remember was Michael Floyd. I sure hope this valuation comes to fruition.
  2. Mattmags

    '14 OH ATH Sam Hubbard (Ohio State Verbal)

    Resurrecting this player thread because I found a recent article about his foundation following his 98 yard fumble recovery against the Ravens. Seems like a great person and fan favorite due to his local roots...
  3. Mattmags

    April 23 | Blue-Gold Game

    When do they normally announce the blue-gold game day/time? I want to bring the family in 2023 and was hoping to book well in advance. I assume it's late April, but wasn't sure if it was always the same Saturday every year.
  4. Mattmags

    '20 KY TE Michael Mayer (Notre Dame Signee)

    no doubt in my mind that he will sit. Unless it was a playoff game, in which I don't see happening.
  5. Mattmags

    ND Players from the Past

    I also own this style jersey - Autry Denson 23. It's funny how almost exact they are to the game worn. If you look closely, you can even see where all of the jersey holes aren't punched on the numbers. This is also true with the jerseys off the rack. I'm in the process of trying to get it...
  6. Mattmags

    2022 Watch Party: WEEK FOUR

  7. Mattmags

    Tommy Rees - Offensive Coordinator

    Now for sale over at Barstool Sports. Do Your F*cking Job Tee
  8. Mattmags

    Sept 17 | California

    Rees lip reading…”he’s fu$&ing wide open!”
  9. Mattmags

    Friends Of The University of Notre Dame (ND's NIL Collective)

    Bookstore Cashier - "would you like to round up for NIL?"
  10. Mattmags

    Brian Kelly to LSU, per report

    No surprise here... "I wrote Brian Kelly maybe 8 positive letters during his time at Notre Dame, and I go to the mailbox everyday hoping I'm going to find an answer. He never...
  11. Mattmags

    '21 LA RB Logan Diggs (Notre Dame Signee)

    must have gotten Avery Davis' blessing. Good for Logan.
  12. Mattmags

    '09 HI LB Manti Te'o (Notre Dame Man)

    I just watched the first 45 minutes of the first episode. If you watch the show with an open mind, you can see how many people could of fallen for this. However, Manti was a prime target for many reasons you'll see in the show; polynesian, faith driven, humble, far from home, etc... I'm even...
  13. Mattmags

    Sept 3 | Ohio State

    Yes, this used to be the norm 15-20 years ago. I've seen families with little kids get cursed out and beer cans thrown at them on high street in those days. In fact, you couldn't leave anything on your car that indicated you were rooting for the opposing team. Things have been cleaned up...
  14. Mattmags

    Nov 27 | Stanford

    Houston Griffith sighting. Negative as usual.
  15. Mattmags

    Nov 27 | Stanford

    everyone goes for his legs. Stiff arm would only work if he had a 3rd arm between his legs. I mean…it’s possible?
  16. Mattmags

    Nov 27 | Stanford

    I was under the impression that Polian was an excellent recruiter during his firs stop at ND. Is this still the case?
  17. Mattmags

    Nov 27 | Stanford

    Has anyone mentioned that FOX seems to have a boner for ND over the course of this broadcast?
  18. Mattmags

    Nov 13 | Virginia

    Who the curly blonde on NDs sideline that I always see talking to Brian Kelly and other players??
  19. Mattmags

    Oct 9 | Virginia Tech

    I just don’t get this team right now
  20. Mattmags

    Sept 18 | Purdue