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  1. MNIrishman

    Worst Christmas Song

    If it's not sung by Sinatra, Crosby, or a church choir, it's not worth listening to.
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    I sent this to one of them and they think it's funny. These people work at medical research centers. They have spent hundreds of hours studying the data, reading the full reports, and comparing that against their clinical experience. What you cited doesn't appear to even reference autoimmune...
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    What studies are these? I spend time with a lot of doctors and they tell me this is nonsense.
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    '19 MI DT Mazi Smith (Michigan Verbal)

    I don't, but I did a ride along with a cop in Michigan once. He ran the radar in a school zone and only pulled over people going 2x or more the speed limit. We never needed to wait more than a minute before the next person lit up the radar. Everyone speeds everywhere in Michigan and the cops...
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    '19 MI DT Mazi Smith (Michigan Verbal)

    It's hard for me to be too upset here when many states, including several that border Michigan, have constitutional carry where the gun thing wouldn't even be noted. Speeding isn't great but it's Michigan --- going 20+ over is a way of life. Most ignored speed limits of any state I've been to...
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    January 1 | Oklahoma State | Fiesta Bowl

    Free Manera
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    Unique cheers

    We can all agree that Notre Dame has a tradition like no other, but it's always bothered me that our gameday cheers aren't particularly unique. We basically just have " (Let's) Go Irish!" which is good, but stylistically very generic. I've always appreciated (if reluctantly) how Michigan has "Go...
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    RIP Father Mulcahy

    William Christopher (Father Mulcahy of MASH fame) was apparently the last victim of 2016 (besides Ohio State). This sucks.
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    Notre Dame Endowment now over $10.5B

    Notre Dame Endowment Gains 8.7% on Private Equity, Real Estate - Bloomberg Business That's good for top 10 nationally and more than the entire SEC combined minus Vanderbilt and A&M. Of Power 5 schools, only Michigan, Texas Junior, and the Tree have more, but only Stanford has more per capita...
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    Nissan removes Navy QB Keenan Reynolds from voting

    Nissan removed Keenan from their voting page for the Heisman Trophy despite the fact that he is leading the popular vote by a country mile. Now you have to manually nominate him in order to vote. Disgusting. I suggest we all send a big American f*ck you to Nissan and vote for Midshipman...
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    Are you f*ckin pumped? I'm so fu*kin pumped! Why the everloving f*ck did I even see that "I'm not excited thread" bumped this week? What kind of weak sauce is that? It's NOTRE DAME FOOTBALL WEEK <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0"...
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    Notre Dame Day

    I didn't see a thread mentioning this, but yesterday/today is "Notre Dame Day," a pretty cool collection of live interviews and broadcasts from the university (including many coaches). The website is ndday // Proud to Be ND // University of Notre Dame. If you donate ten bucks during the...
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    USC to suspend rivalry with ND

    Citing the new law in Indiana, USC is apparently taking their ball and going home: USC Suspends Notre Dame Football Rivalry In Protest Of Indiana Law | Neon Tommy
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    The SEC and trends during the 2013 season

    So we've been discussing media bias for the SEC a lot on the board lately, and I wanted to analyze trends in rankings to see what happened week to week. The trend value I REALLY wanted was to look at how the rankings changed when two ranked teams from the same conference played each other, but...
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    Why we hate Michigan

    I wanted to create a post which described the story of why ND-Michigan is special---not just "us vs. them," but "good vs. evil." This has been posted before but I couldn't find the thread for the bump, so mods you know what to do. I also felt it belonged in its own thread because f*ck Michigan...
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    Worst Call in CFB History

    I wanted to see what everyone thought the worst call in college football history was, since it's the offseason and we need more FOOSBALL, BOBBY BOUCHER, FOOSBALL! going on. Honestly, I think the worst is this call in the 2006 Oklahoma-Oregon game: <iframe width="420" height="315"...
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    Hey all, I wanted to create a thread in which I could post links to interesting discussions going on in r/CFB at Reddit. I came across one today discussing the playoff doomsday scenario: Baylor, Auburn, Michigan State, Clemson, and Stanford finish the season as 1-loss conference champions...
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    "But every school does it!"

    Hey guys, I just had a fight (verbal argument only, I promise) with a Bama fan and a group of OSU fans insisting upon the notion that "every school does it," referring to the idea that every school cheats the same way. I know for a fact that ND doesn't do anything like what the SEC does, but...
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    So I'm being exiled to Cleveland for the fall...

    I've got an internship in Cleveland this fall which is going to take me away from my established game-watching community of fellow young alumni as well as the alumni club of Minnesota which I've been pretty happy with as it's a great club (sorry for the dangling preposition, dshans, as well as...
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    Name our Defense!

    Hey guys, Now that we've got a world-class defense that looks like it's here for the long haul, I think we should nickname our defense. For example, in the 1990's, aTm's defense was known as the Wrecking Crew. What do you all think the name should be? Personally, I'd call them the (bad...