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    The Stone Age Offense

    I have finally found the name of our offense. The Stone Age Offense. It's brilliant in its simplicity. Call the same double team run up the middle on first and second down. Then throw it to your Tight End in double coverage on third down. Who wouldn't want to play in this exciting, dynamic...
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    Post Game: Cincinatti

    My thoughts:
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    Ohio State is the only team that can stand up to these southern football factories

    They are in the midwest. They have to deal with the same cruddy midwest weather that ND does. I don't think Columbus is on anyone's vacation list. They hate Michigan as much as I do. They are committed to their football program and winning Championships. I think I'm going to adopt them as...
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    This is going to be interrsting The NCAA asked them not to pass this and California basically said F off. I wonder how ND would feel about playing these schools once it passes? How will they react when...
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    Dan Radakovich getting to the bottom of things Leave no stone unturned ;)
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    Is Notre Dame the only program that does it the right way?

    I keep hearing about doing it the right way. ND does it the right way. Now I'm seeing ND fans criticize Stanford, of all schools, of cutting corners and not doing it the right way because they have easier degrees and classes than we do. And then of course every other team that is doing well must...
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    It seems when opposing coaches have a month to prepare, ND is toast

    You look at the last 6 ghastly performances ND has delivered in the big bowls, where they played very talented teams, the opposing coaches had their teams prepared. Ours was not But when we play these teams, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia, Oklahoma, during the regular season, we can hang with...
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    Good poster on Rivals on how Swarbrick and Kelly should proceed

    IrishInOntario is one of the more informative and realistic posters over there. I think this post is pretty spot on. Not everything is out of our control in modern day CFB.
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    Notre Dame vs Oklahoma

    I watched Oklahoma getting clobbered last night only to pick itself off the mat and come storming back to make Alabama nervous. Contrast that with watching Notre Dame just quit and give up.Make every mental mistake imaginable. Look so utterly unprepared. There is something mentally wrong with...
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    This team couldn't even score one lousy touchdown

    3 fucking points. That's all. Oklahoma dropped 34 on Alabama. I don't want to here any more on the following two points: 1. How cruddy the Big 12 is. 2. How we can't win against the big boys because we can't get defensive studs. Fucking Iowa would have done better tonight.
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    1977 and 1979 Cotton Bowls Something to tide us over until the game starts. The Cotton bowl has been good to us. Let's hope it continues!
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    Wilder vs Fury

    What happens on Saturday night?
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    The 2019 schedule is insane

    Good grief, are we TRYING to miss the playoffs? Opponent Sept. 2 at Louisville Sept. 7 Bye Sept. 14 New Mexico Sept. 21 at Georgia Sept. 28 Virginia Oct. 5 Bowling Green Oct. 12 USC Oct. 19 Bye Oct. 26 at Michigan Nov. 2 Virginia Tech Nov. 9 at Duke Nov. 16 Navy Nov. 23 Boston College Nov. 30...