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  1. Irishbounty28

    Nov 26 | Southern Cal

    Mills was literally held on the touchdown play and the scramble they just replayed. Horse shit!
  2. Irishbounty28

    Nov 26 | Southern Cal

    White jerseys could be stretched across the entire field and the Zebras would still miss the hold.
  3. Irishbounty28

    Nov 26 | Southern Cal

    This reminds me of the Weis and early Kelly years. Defense chasing a mobile QB to Heisman consideration. Should preface by stating I think they are better than that.
  4. Irishbounty28

    Nov 26 | Southern Cal

    That has to be game. This offense isn’t capable of scoring minimum 17 more points today.
  5. Irishbounty28

    Nov 26 | Southern Cal

    Holding hasn’t been a call all year. ACC officiating needs to be re-evaluated and some dudes need canned.
  6. Irishbounty28

    Nov 26 | Southern Cal

    I can’t listen to these two buffoons. I guess it’s hard to get the call right when you’re choking on USC meat.
  7. Irishbounty28

    2023 Transfer QB

    Does TCU’s remaining schedule bring you to this conclusion, because it isn’t stellar. Oklahoma State was probably the best team they will face all year and he played pretty well. He was responsible for 3 touchdowns and almost 350 yards from scrimmage. I, myself, would be more likely to think...
  8. Irishbounty28

    Stanford Postgame

    That is the result when you show up and play one quarter of a four quarter game. Dudes should be ashamed, including the coaches. The refs were not great either but bad calls went both ways. This team WILL NOT make a bowl game. I’m not entirely off the Freeman train but stuff needs to change.
  9. Irishbounty28

    Oct 15 | Stanford

    Would be a different game if the fumble wasn’t overturned. That was a dagger typed play that leads to a score. Refs stole that shit!
  10. Irishbounty28

    TRANSFER TIME..start a list

    Wonder what Jack Coan thinks?
  11. Irishbounty28

    '22 AL RB Quinshon Judkins (Ole Miss Verbal)

    Kids like this are the reason I have no trust in recruiting services. Was completely overlooked in the ranking process likely because he is an Alabama product, and wasn't heavily pursued by the home state school. If this kid would have committed to the Tide he would have been a high 4* recruit.
  12. Irishbounty28

    Sept 17 | California

    This team is a great example of how teams reflect leadership. Freeman seems unsure, and timid. The team is definitely playing with the same mentality.
  13. Irishbounty28

    Coaching Carousel

    Frost was enjoying the status of being the head coach at Nebraska a bit too much. Apparently he was very social and partied a lot in the downtown area after games. Something rubs me wrong about a Head Coach that is visiting the bars and yucking it up after a loss. I think there is a...
  14. Irishbounty28

    Sept 10 | Marshall

    Shameful game. Credit to Marshall, they showed up and kicked ND around. A team typically follows the coach. If a coach is fiery and passionate, often times the team follows suit. Freeman thus far has been uninspiring on the sideline, which has bled into the football team.
  15. Irishbounty28

    2022 Post-Game: Ohio State

    I'm not sure if it has been mentioned, but it sure looks like Tommy has a heck of a time adjusting in game. His original plan seemed to be fine, but once Ohio State started to adjust, Tommy and the offense struggled. Very similar situation during the Oklahoma State game IMO. I think a lot of...
  16. Irishbounty28

    Sept 3 | Ohio State

    Inconsistency, by a first time starter, on the road, as a sophomore? Who woulda thought. Still has nothing to do with his throwing motion.
  17. Irishbounty28

    Sept 3 | Ohio State

    His performance was on par with CJ Strouds for a bulk of the game, as a FIRST time Starter, on the ROAD. This isn’t even taking into account the limiting factors at receiver. There isn’t a ton of talent at receiver no matter what everyone wants to believe. Lenzy wouldn’t play on most top 25 teams.
  18. Irishbounty28

    Sept 3 | Ohio State

    This is hilarious. His throwing motion has nothing to do with the outcome of tonight’s game.
  19. Irishbounty28

    Sept 3 | Ohio State

    The biggest takeaway is Freeman still struggles with adjustments. It was that way as d-coordinator and remains the same as head coach. He’s playing checkers, when others are playing chess. Hopefully he’s able to adjust or he don’t last long.
  20. Irishbounty28

    Sept 3 | Ohio State

    Whelp…good night fellas.