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  1. ACCIrish

    HAHA purdue

    Seeing Purdont down 14-0 in the first two minutes brings a smile to my face!
  2. ACCIrish

    Senior Salute Unsure if this has been shared yet but it is a pretty good video. I especially like it because of the BEAT SC at the end with the student section. I was at the game and it gave me chills when the started that chant.... Any way GO...
  3. ACCIrish

    Who all is gonna be at the game??

    Me and Kmac are headin up once again..
  4. ACCIrish


    is this group of morons gonna be in south bend saturday???
  5. ACCIrish

    Eat. A lot!!

    Posted on Wed, Sep. 07, 2005 Beefy line sets table for Irish success By Michael Rothstein The Journal Gazette SOUTH BEND – Eat. A lot. It’s the answer you’d expect out of this surprisingly well-kept bunch, generally a group known more for pudge than proficiency, for fat more...