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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all on Irish Envy.
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    If one more person says fire Minter....

    I will go crazy. Watching that game last night I saw a few things, all bad. First off what happened to ND's swagger, those kids all looked like they could care less what happened absolutly 0 emotion. Secondly you can't ask any more of a defense that gives you 3 possessions in SC territory in...
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    The Voice of ND Football

    I don't know if this has been posted but Blue & Gold got a steal here: Pagna and Roberts back together doing radio.....those were the good ol' days of Irish Football. Great news for B&G, major props for putting that group together.
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    Former Irish WR Vaughn....

    in trouble with the law.;_ylt=AhxbHnaBbu1H4Z1mhZF0uNccvrYF?slug=ap-t25-louisville-suspensions&prov=ap&type=lgns
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    ND/UCLA Game

    I was up at the game yesterday and just wanted to say I thought that the crowd was really good and into the game eventhough the players weren't on the sidelines. The D played huge yesterday and eventhough everyone gives Lambert hell he played a pretty damn good game overall. I have some...
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    Adrian Peterson...

    done for the season with a broken collarbone against Iowa State today.
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    I'm sorry but...

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    One thing I have noticed so far...

    is that Crum Jr. is doing exactally what he did last year, Travis Thomas is filling the void that Corey Mayes left but no one has filled the giant hole that Brandon Hoyte left. I think ND and the defense misses him more then anyone, he brought a certain attitude and emotion every game that we...
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    South Carolina QB Arrested...;_ylt=ArlRu3w3yNnbbQlwX24v3.85nYcB?slug=ap-scarolina-mitchellarrested&prov=ap&type=lgns
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    Don't visit....

    ND Central ( guy IM'ed me harassing me to join his site and bad mouthed Irish Envy. I usually don't try to bash other Irish sites but when he bashed Irish Envy he crossed the line and I urge anyone that visits that site to stop.
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    Game Time Change?

    Someone just told me that they heard that the game start time had been moved back till 10PM due to the hurricane. I don't believe them as I have heard nor seen anything about this anywhere but just wanted to see if anyone else could clarify this for me.
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    Rhett Bomar lands at...

    Sam Houston State
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    More Bad News For The 'Canes It wouldn't be football season if at least a couple 'Canes didn't get suspended.
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    Kevin McDougal

    Great Kevin McDougal Story By Rivals: Still the most underrated player on the most underrated team ever!
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    I caught a clip today on their spring practice review where Mark May and Herbie talked about the upcoming season of ND football. Herbie talked about how the two toughest tests for the Irish would be Michigan State and USC, and that he fully expects the Irish undefeated going out to Southern...
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    What Does Clausen Mean To Frazier/Jones?

    The title pretty much says it all...both those guys were highly touted when they enrolled this year, to me Clausen fits the image of a Ronnie P. lots of hype (when will we hear two Heismans) and yet to take a college snap, to me I would like to see all 3 have an equal chance to win the starting...
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    "The Shirt 2006"

    Rumor has it, the color this year will be navy blue. Don't know if anyone cares but I figured I should "leak" the info, but if anyone asks you didn't hear it from me.
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    Maurice Stovall's Draft Stock

    "32. Pittsburgh Steelers – Darnell Bing, S, USC. The Steelers could go a lot of different ways with the last pick, picking someone to groom at center (Ohio State's Nick Mangold), linebacker (Ohio State's Bobby Carpenter) or wide receiver (Notre Dame's Maurice Stovall). But the situation with...
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    New BCS Format In a nutshell the Rose Bowl is no longer part of the BCS and there will be two Fiesta Bowl's. The first being on Jan. 1 and the second being the stand alone National Title game played in Arizona. I am still very upset that ABC did not renew the contract...
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    East/West Game;_ylt=AtIoiwbYEaSCyzLlgoiXAbMcvrYF?slug=ap-hulabowl&prov=ap&type=lgns There is a picture of Corey Mayes there making a tackle and as the article notes Fitzpatrick kicked a 36yd FG which turned out to be the game winning points for the East.