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  1. Mr. Larson

    Tommy Rees - Offensive Coordinator

    Haven’t posted in years- Tommy Rees has to go now.
  2. Mr. Larson

    World Cup 2014

    I know there's an Everything Soccer thread, but thought the World Cup deserved it's own place. If the mods disagree feel free to merge. We are less two hours away from the draw. I can almost see Sepp Blatter on stage surrounded by Carnival dancers for 35 minutes until we get to the actual...
  3. Mr. Larson

    Everything Soccer

    2-0 Good guys. Deuce nets 2 with assists from Jozy and Bradley.
  4. Mr. Larson


    Just got home from a wedding. Seriously WTF What happered?
  5. Mr. Larson


    Dear January 2013, F*ck you. Couldn't be happier to put you in the rear view. Mr. Larson
  6. Mr. Larson

    vbPlaza Error

    I'm getting a vBulletin that gifts are sold out. Can a mod or admin take a look at this?
  7. Mr. Larson

    Win in the End

    Nothing says beat USC like an 80s montage: <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. Mr. Larson

    Called out!

    Posted this afternoon by Ricochet in the upset alert thread:
  9. Mr. Larson

    Vote now: IE Comedy Movie Draft

    So you like funny movies? You like drafts? I thought we could combine the two and come up with a decent offseason time-killer. I'm thinking 10-12 participants, snake draft format, and at the end we can vote on a winner. Feel free to include quotes, gifs, or clips from the movie to support...
  10. Mr. Larson

    Cleveland...does it rock?

    If so how much and where? I'm going to the Chili Peppers show at the Quicken Loans Arena this Saturday, and I'm looking for some help finding good bars within walking range of the arena. Does anyone from Cleveland or familiar with the area have any suggestions?
  11. Mr. Larson

    Andrew McCarthy would be so proud

    Apologies if this is already a thread. My "Weekend at Bernie's" search came back empty. Men who went on spending spree with friend's body sentenced | Reuters Thoughts?
  12. Mr. Larson

    Everything Soccer

    I see you are from New Jersey...are you Giuseppe Rossi? No reason not to be pumped over this win.
  13. Mr. Larson

    Just quit smoking

    Yep. Later cigs. I'm hammeredtown! Happy new year to my Irish brothers. Wish me luck on this one!
  14. Mr. Larson

    BK Picture Showing up In Recruits Threads

    You know the picture. Flame throwing-red-faced BK from the USF game. I've had a few posts that were deleted (and rightfully so) in which I voiced my displeasure over the red-faced-screaming BK picture showing up in recruit's threads in the form of member's avatars (posts by members with this...