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    '22 NJ CB Jayden Bellamy (Notre Dame Signee)

    And so it begins.
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    Dec 30 | South Carolina | Gator Bowl

    So Irish w out Foskey, Mayer, Pyne (meh), anyone else? Cocks w out the O Coordinator(?), and anyone else of note? I heard their OC took a job elsewhere, true or not?
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    '23 OH DE Brenan Vernon (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Being somewhat facetious after seeing Montgomery w his coaches this week. Thanks for the replies though 😁
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    '23 OH DE Brenan Vernon (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Wait is it a dead period? Is this illegal?
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    TRANSFER TIME..start a list

    What is the schools stance on the roughly 59% that don’t land elsewhere? I would think it’s fine to cut them loose from their scholly w out and backlash. I know each school can and will take their own stance on the issue but if I’m in a position of decision making I’d say you were looking thus...
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    '20 KY TE Michael Mayer (Notre Dame Signee)

    Not to mention how he will interview. He will impress the shit out of the GM’s he sits with.
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    Nov 26 | Southern Cal

    A bit more positive yes? We need more of that here. Good catch.
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    '25 CA ATH Jadyn Robinson

    135 lbs? Yikes.
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    '24 MO RB Aneyas Williams (Offer)

    Well Rivals has him as #1 APB in post above yours so they are.
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    Russia Invades Ukraine

    No I think it’s actually just 1 guy that shows up there. He’s still waiting for a dance partner. Lol.
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    '24 MO RB Aneyas Williams (Offer)

    Can the OP get updated w his current rankings? All say NR at this time. Is he a top 100 national player?
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    Russia Invades Ukraine

    Meet up at Irsay Gym parking lot. It’s a Y I’m told. All bets get settled there.
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    ‘23 TN QB Kenny Minchey (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Wait it’s one or the other not both. Can’t get ratings bump and be a ND kid.
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    Russia Invades Ukraine

    David Baldacci reader I suspect? The Whole Truth? Or was it another book?
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    Nov 19 | Boston College

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    Nov 19 | Boston College

    Sounds like a recipe for a good run game. Large doses of Estime would be a good thing in theory. On a related note, I don’t understand how the line is somewhere around 21 points (that’s what they had on the CBS show Brady Quinn was doing today). That seems preposterous.
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    ‘23 TN QB Kenny Minchey (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Is a Special Teams coach really necessary? Checks stats, scratch that.
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    What would you choose?

    Well it depends on how wins against Marshall and Stanford play out. If you say they come down to Navy type endings and long stretches of the game are more than cringe worthy, no thanks. However if they absolutely run train on them by hanging 1/2 a hundred, well I might sign up for that.
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    2023 QB Cycle Cloudy Board

    Guess you’ll have to wait for the combine like the rest of us.