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  1. irishtrooper

    Police State USA

    Ummm. Excuse me sir……. I’m pretty sure these days everyone is mandated to immediately jump to conclusions based on sparse and partial information and make sweeping judgments about the officer(s) involved, not to mention the entire profession of policing. I would think that all people would...
  2. irishtrooper


    Nobody knew they were coming…….ummm ok. This is nonsense. Kidnapping ….sure. Both sides so nakedly partisan on this stuff. Although one side clutches pearls and declares an emergency with 50 migrants. I’m sure the Florida governor is quite concerned with a Texas Sheriff threatening him. The...
  3. irishtrooper

    Sept 24 | North Carolina

    I’m embarrassed if I’m a UNC fan/player/coach….. They’re undisciplined and imploding today. As frustrating as the first 3 games were for ND, they were still poised enough not to crap all over themselves. It really starts at the top. Once Mack lost his cool on the PI (which looked questionable...
  4. irishtrooper

    Sept 24 | North Carolina

    Pour it on fellas!
  5. irishtrooper

    Sept 17 | California

    Did that last week 🤮
  6. irishtrooper

    '21 CA QB Tyler Buchner (Notre Dame Early Enrollee)

    Clavicle wouldn’t necessarily be the season, correct? I mean if it heals properly/etc, he could return for a few games at the end of the year…..? If things are really off the rails (more than now) still, then the staff should be wanting more reps to see what they have (or don’t) moving forward.
  7. irishtrooper

    Marcus Freeman Revisited

    That was a rough game for the coaches and players (and fans). Some fans lost A LOT of money on this result. I can’t believe the O line can’t open holes, Rees hasn’t realized how to call games for the players on the field, how the QB position (still have hope for Buchner) has developed, how the...
  8. irishtrooper

    Another Shooting

    Bail reform is catastrophic for society. Anyone that argues otherwise is uninformed or wishing for the results everyone is seeing. NOBODY is fearful of being arrested. Absolutely no fear of any repercussions has lead to terrible results (maybe that is the desired outcome?). This doesn’t even...
  9. irishtrooper

    AP/Coaches Poll 2022

    Just spent a week in Knoxville area. Wore ND gear almost everyday, including when I spent the day in Knoxville. Nobody said anything, but I was really thinking someone would…. Maybe I look like I’m not friendly….?
  10. irishtrooper

    AP/Coaches Poll 2022

    Yes sir
  11. irishtrooper

    AP/Coaches Poll 2022

    Like take each one out of the bag and suck them individually or suck on the bag holding them?
  12. irishtrooper

    Sept 3 | Ohio State

    On the other hand the “Bear” is an ND-hating douche. This team has nothing in common with many of those blowouts This team has many things that will keep it close over teams from the past- A pass rush Quality depth (defensive depth specifically) Waaaaaay more speed than before Less tightness...
  13. irishtrooper

    2022 Record Prediction Thread

    I think 2 losses in season, then another bowl loss. Competitive losses though creates excitement for next year and MF gets better in game/and prep to make a run for the Natty
  14. irishtrooper

    '23 FL DE Keon Keeley (Offer)

    Well, it’s not surprising based on what people have said…. I thought he might be different. On the other hand, I will support those WHO WANT TO BE AT NOTRE DAME. No I’ll will toward the young man, but strung out our staff forever
  15. irishtrooper

    '23 FL DE Keon Keeley (Offer)

    Soooooo, is he actually still technically committed?
  16. irishtrooper

    Trump Presidency

    This is not true.
  17. irishtrooper

    Trump Presidency

    I suppose if you hate the guy, you aren’t listening anyway….However, this is a pretty bad look without more information. I won’t be jumping to the conclusion that this is a legit situation or a witch hunt deal until more info comes out. Even if you choose to blindly follow this FBI (which has...
  18. irishtrooper

    '23 MI QB Dante Moore (Oregon Verbal)

    This is where I’m at too. I’m not sure the entire true story ever comes out, but this is the most plausible based on what actual real reporting has been all along. Im sure ND feels burned, but shouldn’t go public as it’s a bad look to drag a kid for “changing his mind”
  19. irishtrooper

    '21 CA QB Tyler Buchner (Notre Dame Early Enrollee)

    He’ll finish top 20ish if he stays healthy. I wouldn’t trade him for a lot of these guys. Once he’s throwing more, this list will look different I am quite bullish on him. To be fair, I was on Phil too. Although I don’t agree that he’s no good, he’s not quite what I thought he’d be
  20. irishtrooper

    '23 MA WR Ronan Hanafin (Clemson Verbal)

    I feel like Weis recruited offensive talent extremely well and had some great defensive talent too. ProblEm seemed to be severe lack of depth. The bottom and lower bottom of the class seemed to lack good depth pieces. Also the assistant coaches and CW didn’t really develop the depth well. That...