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    Tydreke Powell

    I have a free article from ESPN on this young man. He states that academics are important to him-don't they all-and he is a DT, a position of need. Does anyone know more about this guy?
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    Offers and Verbals

    Does anyone have any idea whether any new offers will be handed out this weekend? and will we receive any high profile verbals this weekend-or will we have to wait patiently?
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    Gary Gray

    It is on Rivals that Gray announced his decision date and the six schools that he will be choosing from. Does anybody know whether we made the list and does anyone know the date. It sounds like it might be soon.
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    Rivals Radio 10am eastern

    I have heard that they will be discussing ND's junior day at 10am eastern. I don't have a subscription so I can't listen. I hope someone can and then can comment on it.
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    Vince Young=brane sirgon

    At the NFL combines, each player has to do an aptitude test-the test is out of 50. Vince "Brain Surgeon" Young got a mark of 6 on his first test and asked for a re-write. He got a mark of 12 on his re-write. An actual question that was on the test was as follows: What is the 9th month of the...
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    Chris Little

    Wow!!! Look at the size of this kid. Another kid that hasn't been mentioned much on the paysites before Charlie offered. Does anyone know anything about this kid?
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    Kerry Neal-First Irish Commit for 2007

    This is a bit of a surprize! Has anybody heard of this guy? It is posted on Scout.
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    2007 commitments

    I see that Chris Galippo committed to USC today and the Buckeyes got their first commit. We need early commitments from Josh Oglesby, Jimmy Clausen and Ben Martin to get this 2007 party started.
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    Is George West an Early Enrollee?

    I see there is an article on Irish Eyes that may say whether or not West is an EE but I am not a subscriber. Jiggs, can you pull up the article for us. Thanks in advance.
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    Sam Young Article

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays guys. Thought you may like to read this article. I think Sam Young is a lock! With Florida out of the running and Wenger coming to ND, I think he is Irish...
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    Sam Young is Irish!?

    I just received this email. Can anyone confirm it? Seems like there might be some confirmation on Rivals but I am not a subscriber. The following is an email sent to you by an administrator of "Irish Blue And Gold". If this message is spam, contains abusive or other comments you find offensive...