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  1. benneboy

    Best RB in football next year

    Who do you think will be the best college football RB next year? Their will probably be as much talent at the RB position next as their has ever been. I personally think CJ Spiller is the best player in college football.
  2. benneboy

    Surprise Prospect

    Mike Frank says he has heard some interesting information about a recruit we are not expecting to get having some serious interest in ND. He was very reserved in revealing anything about who it was, but he made it sound like if what he heard was true, we would hear something within the next week...
  3. benneboy

    ND Schedule ranked #1 (Not in a good Way)

    Rivals has just ranked the top ten most difficult schedules for the upcoming college football season and they have ND's schedule ranked the most difficult. Here is the link Does this mean we won't here any crap this year about the armed services bowl? No Does this mean Mark May can go play...
  4. benneboy

    Draft Eligibility

    I just heard on ESPN that Sidney Rice was a redshirt Sophomore in the draft. Has this rule always been around? (I know this doesn't apply to ND because they don't red shirt. Just curious)
  5. benneboy

    Junior Day on Saturday

    I saw on Irish Illustrated that Saturday was junior day at Notre Dame. 30 prospects were visiting. Does anybody know who all visited?
  6. benneboy

    Peters to LSU *Oops, I mean GT*

    I didn't see a profile on him but I just saw on DD that he committed to LSU this weekend
  7. benneboy

    Mcknight on Cold Pizza

    Did anybody see Joe Mcknight on Cold Pizza. I saw the tail end of it and he only talked about USC and LSU, but I am sure that has more to do with Dana Jacobson being Satan incarnate than his feelings on ND.