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    '21 NJ RB Audric Estime (Notre Dame Signee)

    Damn right! Post away ... not everything posted has to "bad" news! I'm looking forward to some "the Bus type" runs this coming year. He's a beast!
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    Sept 3 | Ohio State

    Oh, the suspense! "And what happened ... what happened?" says the youthful Irish fan with a glean of wonderment in his eyes.
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    '23 FL DE Keon Keeley (Notre Dame Verbal)

    I ditto that!
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    '23 FL DE Keon Keeley (Notre Dame Verbal)

    I dunno, SAMUEL M'PEMBA in and Keon Keely out? I'd be ok with that swap!
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    '23 CA WR Taeshaun Lyons (Offer)

    Agreed! He's a definite take!!!
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    2023 QB Cycle Big Board

    Which is what he actually did on the ND offer. Just saying ....
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    '23 FL DE Keon Keeley (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Hopefully. ND in the couple of years!
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    All Things SkunkBear

    I ditto that!
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    '23 LA LB Tackett Curtis (Southern Cal Verbal)

    Another player that Kelly CAN'T get! LOL
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    '23 MA WR Ronan Hanafin (Clemson Verbal)

    That means that it has to be done OUTSIDE.
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    All Things SkunkBear

    Hahaha, love it! F*ck the meatchickens!!!
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    All Things SkunkBear

    I'll ditto that! Sweet to see it in real numbers/stats
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    Brian Kelly to LSU, per report

    Arrogant douche bag! Kuck Felly!
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    '23 MD DE Jason Moore (Ohio State Verbal)

    Damn, I was wishing that he was Irish! Oh well.
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    Brian Kelly to LSU, per report

    Kuck Felly and Muck Fichigan as well!!!!!
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    '23 MO CB Christian Gray (Notre Dame Verbal)

    I'd be elated with just Moore, Hanafin and Greathouse. Any additions after would just be icing on the cake. Whether it be Love or whomever. That would be a GREAT class .... then keep working on the '24 class.