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    '18 FL WR Kevin Austin (Notre Dame Signee)

    By stating that he doesn’t need to go to class, you are implying that that was an issue for him. I responded that it was not an issue and I stated why. Or maybe my inference was off?
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    '20 NE WR Xavier Watts (Notre Dame Signee)

    They need him at safety for NEXT year; if they think he can play a major role next year at safety then they can’t move him.
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    '18 FL WR Kevin Austin (Notre Dame Signee)

    School was never an issue for him. He was a good student.
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    2022-2023 Notre Dame Men's Basketball

    …and Jaden.
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    2022 Fall Camp Thread

    They were always classified as hair metal, and never soft rock. Soft rock was shit like Kenny Loggins and Hall & Oates.
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    2022 Fall Camp Thread

    When will we get updated heights and weights?
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    Monkey Pox

    Ann Arbor is a whore.
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    Visitors List - 2023

    I think he should go to Rice.
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    ‘23 TX QB Austin Novosad (Baylor Verbal)

    Have to start referring to him as Pierre Delecto.
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    ‘23 GA QB Dylan Lonergan (Alabama Verbal)

    Lasagna is also better the next day.
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    '18 IN RB Markese Stepp (Nebraska Transfer)

    Grad transfer? Deland McCullough played with Stepp’s dad at Miami U. and steered him to USC when he was RB coach there.
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    2023 Master List

    That 10.47 was wind aided, unfortunately. His best time is 10.77, which is good but not blazing like 10.47. Also, Oklahoma offered last week.
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    '23 MD DE Jason Moore (Ohio State Verbal)

    At one time, there was scuttlebutt about Braylon James reclassifying. Is that still a possibility?
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    '23 IN DE Joshua Mickens

    You think that a top recruit being related to one of our coaches doesn’t matter? Really?