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  1. Blazers46

    Notre Dame Tours

    Stadium tours? Born and raised near the Golden Dome. I am back in town and haven’t been on campus since the new renovations. Besides the basic tours, does Notre Dame offer tours of the stadium/locker room at all during the week? Or is there a guy I throw some cash at?
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    Brian Flores sues NFL, others, as former Miami Dolphins coach alleges racism in hiring practices. "In certain critical ways, the NFL is racially segregated and is managed much like a plantation,'' the lawsuit said. "Its 32 owners -- none of whom are Black --...
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    Position U

    Got this from ESPN
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    Fantasy Baseball

    Who wants to Nerd Out and play some fantasy baseball? My other nerdy friends that played last year have gotten too cool to play. Let me know if interested. 10-12 teams.
  5. Blazers46

    Wife Birthday Ideas

    Okay I need help. I am an awful gifter and last minute shopper. For Valentines I did the flowers and all the typical Valentines stuff. She cried because all she really wanted was just a hand written something that makes her cry. For her birthday I always just ask "what do you want" and then...
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    Scholarships Numbers

    Random Question: Notre Dame has 85 scholarships players on the football team. How many of them are on Full Scholarship? It might be a stupid question but its an argument I am having with an employee.
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    Chip Kelly?

    My apologies if there is a thread discussion somewhere else... but... Where will Chip Kelly land? Where do you want him to land? Florida is interesting but I think he is more familiar with the West Coast (UCLA). No Chance he goes to 10-I-see, but that would be interesting as well.
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    Apparel on Sale

    Sorry if this is spam. I found some good sales on ND gear.
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    I have a vasectomy scheduled tomorrow morning. Its been all fun, games, and jokes until now, its almost game time. I just remembered I am going to be awake during the whole procedure which gives me some awkward anxiety. One of the worst parts is over and that was clearing out the forest for the...
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    Konrad Rueland (RIP)

    http:// Couldn't find his recruiting page, feel free to move if posted. Wasn't a domer long, still sad. Probably doesn't look good for football in general. Prayers to the family.
  11. Blazers46

    Cheat or Go Home

    Interesting Bleacher report article. Not sure if its been shared. Cheat or Go Home: Inside the 'Dysfunctional Hell' of Becoming a CFB Coach | Bleacher Report
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    Post Interview etiquette

    So I have had a few job interviews with no luck. I have emailed hiring managers asking for feedback on how I handled the interview process, my strengths ~ weaknesses ~ red flags or just general advice. Nobody ever responds. A few jobs were internal and I know I was more qualified and more...
  13. Blazers46

    Potential Final Rankings

    I know its early but here is what I think the final Top 25 Final Rankings might look like. Thoughts? 1. Clemson/Bama 2. Clemson/Bama - Unless its a massive blowout, they will finish 1-2 respectively. 3. Stanford (12-2) - Should have been in the playoffs 4. Oklahoma (11-2) - Lost, and if...
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    Amanda (Byers) Blackburn

    Anyone following this case? My wife went to school with her in Elkhart. Amanda Blackburn case: Two arrested on unrelated charges after interviews