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  1. BobbyMac

    2025 Master Thread

  2. BobbyMac

    '24 PA CB Omillio Agard (Offer)

    Updated for the squeaky wheel 247 Comp: ..... 4* ..... #6 CB ..... #54 OA ..... .9723 247: ................... 4* ..... #7 CB ..... #75 OA ...... 90 Rivals: ............... 4* ..... #6 CB ..... #65 OA ...... 5.9 ESPN: ................ NR On3: .................. 3* ..... #45 CB...
  3. BobbyMac

    '24 IL WR Cam Williams (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Tate, Davaris Daniels, Laquan Treadwell. I'll take some combo of those guys. Cornelius Johnson from MI comes to mind too. Hopefully he's a capt and leads the team in receiving his jr/sr seasons. If not, a supporting role like Breezy did with Will Fuller wouldn't be all bad.
  4. BobbyMac

    Offensive Line Thread

    Who else read superlicious stripper when OMM wrote, supercilious gripper?
  5. BobbyMac

    2024 Master Thread

    Surace's dad is the HC at Princeton. He's won half of the Ivy League championships over the past 8 years.
  6. BobbyMac

    Career Change Advice

    Last fall I took a contract gig to layout a training program for a national chemical packager. It went over well and I became fast friends with the VP of Op's and the President. Long story short, they talked me into coming aboard as a management trainee. Actually, CNBC talked me into joining...
  7. BobbyMac

    '24 IL WR I'Marion Stewart

    It's more than just that program, bunch of the Naperville guys are from the Brook too... so was Nazareth's Tyler Morris
  8. BobbyMac

    Offensive Line Thread

    I'll bet anything Harry didn't care which one of Paige or Freeling he landed... if anything, he may have wanted Paige cuz that was his guy and he inherited Freeling from Quinn. If he sees both of these guys as 90+'s, he probably feels he'll turn either/both of them into 10's like he did ZMart...
  9. BobbyMac

    Russia Invades Ukraine

    We were talking about F-22's being trimmed. Not so fast says Congress:
  10. BobbyMac

    '24 IN S Tae Johnson (Offer)

    He's "putting in the work to be eligible"? Did you just say he's not currently eligible? Let's see how that part of the equation works out and THEN we'll see what happens when he scores 2000 points in hoops.
  11. BobbyMac

    '23 CA TE Cooper Flanagan (Notre Dame Verbal)

    What kinda slip-ons is pops rockin?
  12. BobbyMac

    '25 CA LB Weston Port

    Hey Pops, lets make this interesting... You guys sign with the winner of the Sin City Shootout on Oct. 8. See ya there!
  13. BobbyMac

    '22 IN OL Joey Tanona (Notre Dame Signee)

    Wothke was right before Coach Payne. He left WMU to take over for Coach K at Army and Vern left Wayne State to become the Bronco's HC. The coach you are thinking of is Dick Shilts. He played for Miller at Wittenberg and was an assistant under Miller at WMU before becoming HC when Miller went...
  14. BobbyMac

    Police State USA

    Somewhere there's a young purple hair watching chicks with hairy pits popping zits on Tik Tok.
  15. BobbyMac

    Russia Invades Ukraine

    Like all 5th gen aircraft, stealth and technology is vastly improved but variants of the F-18's are still in use by the Navy & Marines and have been substantially upgraded.
  16. BobbyMac

    '22 IN OL Joey Tanona (Notre Dame Signee)

    If you don't mind me asking, which coach are you referring to? I was recruited by 3 former WMU coaches: Bob Donewald when he was at Illinois St. Vern Payne when he was the HC at WMU and Les Wothke when he was at Army. Payne and Wothke are from LaPorte Co. IN where I grew up. Wothke later...
  17. BobbyMac

    Russia Invades Ukraine

    Yes. F-22 is to F-35 as F-15 is to F-16
  18. BobbyMac

    Russia Invades Ukraine

    They aren't fazing it out just yet. They are keeping 153 units, just shelving the 30 or so block trainers. The Raptor's will remain the top tog until 6th Gen, Darkstar takes off in 2030 or so.