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    '24 IL WR Cam Williams (Notre Dame Signee)

    Keep an awesome OLine and RB stable along with a QB that can run and that offsets the need to be WR dependent! Calm down … we’re fine right now!
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    '25 FL DB Ivan Taylor (Skunkbear Verbal)

    Ditto! Forever Fuck Meatchicken!!!
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    '25 NC S JaDon Blair (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Sweet pickup by the Irish!
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    All Things SkunkBear

    Cheatin' mutherfuckers get by with everything! With the revamped BIG, their dicks will be in the dirt!!! They'll be 4th or 5th at best from here on! Muck Fichigan!
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    Aug 31 | Texas A&M

    Wasn't A&M a couple point favorite initially over the Irish (several months back)? Regardless, with Elko at the helm, this appears to be a tough battle to start the season. Go Irish!
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    '22 IA TE Eli Raridon (Notre Dame Signee)

    Damn, Eli, congrats on your "purchase"!
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    General team info

    Yeah, Navy Blue (with sprinkles of Gold)!
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    '26 UT TE Brock Harris (Offer)

    He has to come to Tight End U.
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    All Things SkunkBear

    Meatchickens SUCK!
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    All Things SkunkBear

    Yeah, tose cheatin' muther fuckers!
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    '22 OH RB Gi'Bran Payne (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Oh well, next up. Gi'Bran get ready for '25!
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    '25 FL WR Jayvan Boggs (Missouri Verbal)

    Agreed, he’s overrated! B
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    All Things SkunkBear

    He's the monicker of what Scum is .... a piece of SHIT! Muck Fichigan!
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    Aug 31 | Texas A&M

    Maybe in overall quantity, but not quality at the number 1 spot!
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    Brian Kelly Revisited

    No way, Krian Belly will forever suck in the eyes of the Irish faithful for his sneaky backpedaling way of getting out of South Bend. That fake bastard!
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    '24 AU P James Rendell (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Yeah, and one that can boom punts too!
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    All Things SkunkBear

    Fixed it for you! Bastards sold their soul a helluva long time ago!!!!