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  1. daytonirish

    New NFL web site.

    Armchair Quarterback - NFL Discussion Forum If any of you have spare time after talking about Notre Dame football and want to help start a new site out. Check out this site as it was just started by a friend of mine who is also a ND fan. Please don't be scared away because you may notice some...
  2. daytonirish

    Acamp and his family need our thoughts and prayers.

    I know he has been a long time member here and also a mod. His niece was murdered about a week or so ago. I know he would appreciate your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time he and his family are going through.
  3. daytonirish

    Help me out

    I will ask the folks here the same question I asked folks at different sites. Please explain to me your qualifications as a Div 1 HC, OC, DC, or position coach ? That way I will understand why you think you know more than the Notre Dame coaches on the decisions they make during the game. I...
  4. daytonirish

    Great time at the game.

    This thread is not about the game or the losing of the game. This is about the exsperience of the weekend exspierence at Notre Dame. To J.Pham and all the students at Notre Dame, you folks are awesome. It has been propably 15 years for me and even more for my dad since we had last been to Notre...
  5. daytonirish

    Mens basketball schedule

    Here is a link to this years schedule. Nice to see them finally schedule some better compition outside the BE. Around the Bend | Chicago Tribune | Blog
  6. daytonirish

    Goshen Gippers impact on Saturday.

    We all know Jimmy will be sitting in the front row for the game saturday and cheering on the Irish from above. Just thought it would be nice for the folks at IE to say what kind of impact GG will have on the game. For me it will be when the Irish shake down the thunder. I've got a feeling that...
  7. daytonirish

    SoCal and ACamp hope your not sorry.

    Some how you 2 got me to open my eyes. Not sure if that's a good thing. As SoCal can knows, I'm off my MEDS and want to have fun. I've been reading up on old post and the like. And I have a feeling that WeisWeisBaby and I are going to make your 2 lifes misserable. See he posted that folks think...
  8. daytonirish

    Truce between ND web sites.

    Most of us belong to more than one ND site, and have seen folks who talk bad about other sites. Isn't it about time we just admit that each site has quality posters and great threads. We all may have are favorites, but we still all love ND football, except for the occasional flamer who shows up...
  9. daytonirish

    Hands career may be over.

    This article from B&G says it all. It is a free article. // Hand’s Career In Jeopardy
  10. daytonirish

    In memory of David:

    Recently a fellow poster on this site littlerick lost his young son David to a rare form of cancer. I would like to ask the members of this site to remember young David when they post a thread or reply on this or any other site. This young child loved the University of Notre Dame for one simple...
  11. daytonirish

    Basbeall Offseason Hot Stove thread...

    ESPN Peter Gammons reporting that the Tigers will get 3B Miquel Cabrera and LHP Dontrelle Willis for LHP Andrew Miller, C Mike Rabelo, OF Cameron Maybin and 3 other minor leaguers. Looks like someone other than the Sox or Yankees can make a big trade.
  12. daytonirish

    ESPN reporting Tom Osborne has named himself interim HC so he can recruit.

    Don't know if this sounds like something that people or schools should be doing . But if it's legal not a bad thing to do.