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  1. UmphreakDomer

    Fun Night

    As some of you know, I work in the entertainment industry. A very tough but rewarding career. One of those rewards is the ability to meet and work with some really cool and talented people. Last night, in my work on a new pilot for ABC called "Runner", I got to work with three of our boys...
  2. UmphreakDomer

    80/90 back to the people

    80/90 has gone bankrupt only 8 years into the deal that saw an investment group from Spain and Australia. Interested in how this shakes out. I just posted as its the main through fair for most of us on our pilgrimages to and from the mother land...
  3. UmphreakDomer

    Fantasy Rock Band

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>I made/shared this last night. A fun distraction for ya. I see <a href="">@DaleJr</a> has contributed. <a href=""></a></p>— Matt Norlander (@MattNorlander) <a...
  4. UmphreakDomer

    SEC alcohol sales

    LSU AD: 'There may come a day' for SEC beer sales - seems like a bad idea. is it hypocritical? NFL vs. NCAA stadiums-- thoughts?
  5. UmphreakDomer

    All things RB

    A question to start he discussion: when does this "good problem to have," become a problem? only so many touches. so, here's my forecast. Amir is too electric to keep off the field. just hoping he holds up, i think everyone is. GA3--hmmm...just not a number 1, right? but big play...
  6. UmphreakDomer

    Alabama Mailer

    all about education? not a football factory? PHOTO: Alabama recruiting pitch is all about the NFL benjamins -
  7. UmphreakDomer


    What are the odds that Kiel, Neal, and Ferg end up at the same school? They would've probably had a lot of work together last year, no?
  8. UmphreakDomer

    '14 Golden Army

    this is the new Class name. I like it TP
  9. UmphreakDomer

    I'm goin' to the 'ship!!

    My girlfriend--the beautiful girl standing next to me in my avatar, came through huge! a friend of hers was able to get 4 to the game for free! tickets are in hand. also, my lady's dad is a ticket agent and he hooked up parking and tix the "fan zone". heading to tampa on friday for the UCF game...
  10. UmphreakDomer

    Syracuse "Tank" formation

    watching the pitt v syracuse game. syracuse marched down the field after a pitt punt. a screen pass got them to a 1st and goal from the 1. they brought in their new "Tank" formation--which is typical jumbo but the half back is in the FB position and their linebacker is at tailback. hand off...
  11. UmphreakDomer

    Tennessee pre-game prayer unconstitutional?

    Thoughts? Tennessee: Pregame prayer isn’t unconstitutional | Dr. Saturday - Yahoo! Sports
  12. UmphreakDomer

    ND to Fenway

    Reports: UConn and Notre Dame may play at Fenway | Pro32: Head to Head Reports in 2014 ND will play UCONN at Fenway. Wicked pissah!
  13. UmphreakDomer

    Tix for ALL home games this year available tomorrow morning-Friday Aug 24

    A number of tickets for ALL of the University of Notre Dame’s home football games at Notre From Blueand Dame Stadium will go on sale to the public at 8:30 a.m. EDT Friday (Aug. 24) through the Notre Dame ticket office. The sale is a result of the tickets returned by various visiting...
  14. UmphreakDomer

    Navy game ROLL CALL!

    What's everyone doing? Who's traveling? Where are you watching? Kegs and Eggs? Bloody Mary's? Any other "new traditions" being born based upon the early time? Slainte and GO IRISH!!!
  15. UmphreakDomer

    Coach McGraw get 10 year extension

    Notre Dame Fighting Irish reward Muffet McGraw with 10-year deal - ESPN heres to good things that come with success. cheers coach! its well deserved.
  16. UmphreakDomer

    Unfair drug policy in SEC

    SEC teams' penalties for drugs not created equally - Yahoo! Sports interesting article on the difference of being busted within the SEC for drug vs. being busted by the NCAA--or at least how such actions are handled. needless to say--ridiculous.
  17. UmphreakDomer

    Coach Martin: Field or Box?

    So, I have not heard about this since he was given the promotion. If I'm not mistaken, as the DC at GVSU, Martin was on the field. As an OC, does he stay on the field or move upstairs and your opinions-pros/cons on either/both? I believe he'll stay on the field. He's too great of a coach to...
  18. UmphreakDomer

    Hunger Games #1

    Well guys, the movie that my girlfriend and I both worked on last summer has become the #1 movie in the country! $155M opening weekend. Best opening for a non sequel ever, and good enough for the third best opening ever (behind Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 2: $168M and The Dark Knight...
  19. UmphreakDomer

    ND winter Workout video

    oh yes ladies and gentllemen! what did YOUR football team do this winter? FB: Winter Workouts - YouTube tommy got after it with hendrix! and cierre looks huge after the tug of war
  20. UmphreakDomer

    Unusual weather we're havin', aint it?

    just hope with the huge storm band last night, all you IE members are ok. my condolences if you or anyone you know lost anything pricey or priceless. all of my family from niles to georgia came through ok.