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  1. IrishMoore1

    '25 FL DB Ivan Taylor (Skunkbear Verbal)

    If a guy is taking visits he's no longer committed, regardless of whether he has made a public statement or not. The staff are no longer guaranteeing his spot and are recruiting other players for the position. That doesn't mean they won't continue recruiting him but we should understand that...
  2. IrishMoore1

    College Football Video Game '25

    EA is one of the worst companies with horrendous anti-consumer practices. Unless this game has 85 man rosters and no micro transaction nonsense, this will be an easy pass for me.
  3. IrishMoore1

    Aug 31 | Texas A&M

    From that forum:
  4. IrishMoore1

    Aug 31 | Texas A&M

    If history is any indication, we will for sure get A&M's best shot + a hostile environment at night. Not an easy way to start the season. At least this time, we will have a competent QB and OC.
  5. IrishMoore1

    2024 Spring Practice Thread

    Too bad Leonard didn't use this before the 1st surgery.
  6. IrishMoore1

    Tee Shepard (sorry, I have to post this)

    According to Miami Dade County records, he's going to trial for armed robbery and aggravated assault of 3 women on 4/8/24. He allegedly committed the crime in January 2021.
  7. IrishMoore1

    ‘21 AL QB Riley Leonard (Duke Transfer - Notre Dame Verbal)

    This is a huge set back. It usually takes 1 year for a transfer QB to get acclimated to a new team, and this guy won't even have spring practice. Just a fall camp to get ready for the season.
  8. IrishMoore1

    Gerad Parker - Troy Head Coach :)

    Wait, he knows about the War Daddy nickname??
  9. IrishMoore1

    '23 FL DE Keon Keeley (Alabama Verbal)

    Does ND ever take undergrad transfers?? I can't imagine any of his credits will transfer over.
  10. IrishMoore1

    WATCH PARTY: 2023-24 Bowl Thread

    This championship will always have an asterisk next to it. Michigan cheated, sleep walked through a high school schedule, went against the weakest alabama team in recent memory, led by a Tommy wonder boy offense.
  11. IrishMoore1

    '25 IL DE Christopher Burgess (Notre Dame Verbal)

    That On3 predictive model they use is usually correct. I don't think I've seen it be wrong (at least when I had the $1 subscription).
  12. IrishMoore1

    '25 IL LB Dominik Hulak (Notre Dame Verbal)

    He's power cleaning 225? I can barely squat that.
  13. IrishMoore1

    Bama vs Michigan

    A QB draw that went for zero yards and lost the game? Sounds about right.
  14. IrishMoore1

    Movies you just saw

    Godzilla Minus One was shockingly great. I was not expecting it to have such a rich story with deeply complex characters. It was emotional and filled with thought provoking themes. Acting and CGI was top notch. I think it's the best movie of the year and by far the best Godzilla movie every made.
  15. IrishMoore1

    '22 WA WR Tobias Merriweather (Notre Dame Signee)

    Idk if you've played a sport before but my track college coach was very toxic. It affected my performance and I eventually left the team. It was a complete 180 from my experience in high school.
  16. IrishMoore1

    '22 WA WR Tobias Merriweather (Notre Dame Signee)

    Or maybe he had a really toxic coach who wouldn't even acknowledge your presence in the room if he was mad at you?
  17. IrishMoore1

    New OC - throw out some names/statistical anomalies

    What do you mean by that? Is he in negotiations to extend his contract? Isn't he only in his 2nd year at LSU??
  18. IrishMoore1

    New OC - throw out some names/statistical anomalies

    "Date" isn't the word I would use 😅
  19. IrishMoore1

    New OC - throw out some names/statistical anomalies

    Ludwig still available?
  20. IrishMoore1

    Dec 29 | Oregon State

    This guy reported Rico Flores transferring a full 24 hours before any other outlet.