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  1. jason_h537

    '25 CA LB Madden Faraimo (Offer)

    This is just his size. He was playing Safety last year. On message boards, we all make assumptions based on their size in HS and not about the type of player they are. What if he loses weight? What if his speed is not affected by the weight gain? What if his skill set does not fit that role...
  2. jason_h537

    '22 OH QB Drew Allar (Penn State Verbal)

    It is crazy how Kelly was viewed as a QB guru at Cincinnati and yet his entire time at ND, QB was always an issue. From the jump too.
  3. jason_h537

    '22 OH QB Drew Allar (Penn State Verbal)

    Talk about revisionist history. The board was seething at Rees because he wouldn't offer Allar. Rees wanted more footage but everyone on this board insisted Allar was the guy and he would be ours if only Rees would just go after him. Now it's "Rees wanted Allar over Angeli". Cmon people.
  4. jason_h537

    '25 IN DE Damien Shanklin (Offer)

    And who is the HS kid that passed admissions to Stanford and couldn't get into ND? Was it Bryon Marshall? He went to Oregon. Is it Shanklin? Because Stanford does not admit players this early. If a high school Spanish class is preventing you from going to Notre Dame than you never wanted to...
  5. jason_h537

    '25 IN DE Damien Shanklin (Offer)

    It did not cost us Byron Marshall. Notre Dame told him he needed to take a class to get into ND and he refused. If he wanted to go to Notre Dame he would have taken that class. Every player is told what they need to do to get into Notre Dame and every kid that signs did what was needed. We saw...
  6. jason_h537

    '25 FL LB Gavin Nix (Offer)

    I would put Faraimo, Mikhail, and NOB in the elite category. Jones and Sacca a tier below but both very good. Nix would be last IMO. He's good but he is pure Mike LB. Everyone else has more flexibility. Marco Jones is a Vyper in my mind. Reminds me of Daelin Hayes out of HS.
  7. jason_h537

    '24 MO WR Ryan Wingo (Texas Verbal)

    Probably being shitlisted by the school. This is one of the reasons Texas A&M was shit. The boosters thought they knew better than the staff. Went out and got players regardless of need or fit. And many ended up leaving because they never wanted to be there anyway. Lets say a booster went...
  8. jason_h537

    Notre Dame In The Transfer Portal 2023-2024 (Verified ND Interest Only)

    Team that has too many players on the roster will see more transfers. Always count on Driskell for that inside info.
  9. jason_h537

    TRANSFER TIME..start a list

    Nothing worse than old men complaining about kids these days. Every generation has said the next one is too soft. "Oh no, the world is changing. Am I out of touch? Nope, its the kids who are wrong".
  10. jason_h537

    '22 GA TE Holden Staes (Notre Dame Signee)

    Right? This is the final covid year I believe. We are going to see a ton of transfers. Not only is ND not seeing a mass exodus (see Indiana) but every transfer makes sense on paper. Correll basically lost his job. Nana wants to start. Tyree is a slot WR on a team that loves 12...
  11. jason_h537

    Who's Next? - 2024 Edition

    He did an interview when he was with the Niners talking about how what a fuck up he was. If he could do it all over he would have stuck it out at ND. Some people are just different.
  12. jason_h537

    '23 CA WR Rico Flores (UCLA Transfer)

    Merriweather is a sophomore. A true sophomore. The idea that people on this board are happy to give up on him is beyond stupid. The idea that they are giving up on him when the receiving room is so thin and green is even stupider. Players get better all the time. It's actually pretty common in...
  13. jason_h537

    '24 IN S Tae Johnson (Notre Dame Signee)

    I don't think it is about that. The point is that BYU and Utah are both teams full of kids who go to missions. It isn't an advantage or disadvantage, it is always about the individual. Andrews is an interesting athlete that doesn't affect the numbers until 2026. If he comes back great? If...
  14. jason_h537

    '24 IN S Tae Johnson (Notre Dame Signee)

    That is pretty specific. Guys that put in the work to get into ND their senior year probably happens every year. We always hear about guys that need a foreign language or extra credits to pass admissions. But Marquese Stepp was a guy that needed to do a lot of work to get into ND and...
  15. jason_h537

    '24 IL DL Justin Scott (Miami [FL] Verbal)

    10 years ago players never decommited. Recruiting was all peaches and cream, just ask Eric Dickerson. What world do you guys live in? NIL has been a thing for 2 years. The same school are still getting the best recruiting classes. The only change in terms of ND is the school is now recruiting...
  16. jason_h537

    '24 IL DL Justin Scott (Miami [FL] Verbal)

    I don't understand this. I am a reporter, I am being told by every source that X is going to happen. What should I do with that information? You guys seem to get upset that guys like Loy and ISD report what they have as opposed to editorializing. Or worse get mad that these guys can't...
  17. jason_h537

    '22 AZ DT Anthony Lucas (Texas A&M Signee - Southern Cal Transfer)

    It's a deal worth "up to" $8M. Yeah that sounds nice but even in that Atheltic article he is getting $350K to sign then monthly payments and deals that could total $8M in the end. None of that is guaranteed. They got him for $350K. But advertising $8M sure sounds cool on message boards and...
  18. jason_h537

    '22 AZ DT Anthony Lucas (Texas A&M Signee - Southern Cal Transfer)

    No one knows. Nico got a rumored $8M from Tennessee. That was bs. Didn't Oregon offer Peyton Bowen $2M? That was BS. Reality is all these numbers are pulled out of people's asses. This is why you only see them on message boards. No one knows. Yes players are getting paid and getting good...
  19. jason_h537

    '23 TX S Peyton Bowen (Oklahoma Signee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    Isaiah Foskey signed his LOI on early Signing Day but waited to announce in February so he could have the public ceremony with his teammates. Whatever happens, this is over. They are just letting Bowen have his moment.
  20. jason_h537

    '24 MO RB Aneyas Williams (Notre Dame Signee)

    It's more than just physically. His game. His highlight really looks like Kyren at ND. Now does he have that same "fuck you, I'm better than you" cockiness that Kyren played with.