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  1. Old Man Mike

    Lenten Season

    The concept of "giving up" crappy aspects of my life might be "productive" in some sense, but never amounts to anything worthwhile for me. I choose to resolve to DO things rather than not do things. The best things to do (in my opinion) is to insist on leaving everyone that I interact with a...
  2. Old Man Mike

    2023-24 Notre Dame Women's Basketball

    Some BS from me from past coaching experiences: this on Watson in the post. Watson's inability to score inside, AND NOT IMPROVE ON THAT, has been the biggest puzzlement for me about this team for two seasons. Why? Watson is not a stumblebum. She has, in different ways of moving around the...
  3. Old Man Mike

    2023-24 Notre Dame Women's Basketball

    I'll take that as correct. I'd add that I think that Sonia probably gets really gassed. She can't be as strong as she was last year, AND she's required to play more than anyone. For players across a season, that sort of wear is going to create games that even from the tip are not up to...
  4. Old Man Mike

    2023-24 Notre Dame Women's Basketball

    and really nothing substantive to say at all. This team mainly (to my slightly-trained eye) is as dangerous or not depending upon whether Westbeld decides to play ("hard"?, "in focus", "confidently"?, "physically"?) in whatever game. You get essentially the same effort level out of all the...
  5. Old Man Mike

    Harry Hiestand Named OL Coach

    OK. But when Aaron Taylor brought in the Joe Moore award in the meeting, the OLine blew the ceiling off roaring and rushed Harry and nearly crushed him with affection.
  6. Old Man Mike

    2023-24 Notre Dame Women's Basketball

    Well, it's going to be hard to unseat Caitlin Clark. Other than that, there's prejudice towards South Carolina, LSU, and UCONN to get past. Clark is the most amazing long-gun flamethrower I've seen since Becky Hammon, so she probably deserves it.
  7. Old Man Mike

    2023-24 Notre Dame Women's Basketball

    Marshall is one of that type of veteran who might never start but gets to an advanced level of play where she has grown into the game so thoroughly that it is no longer too big for her. She can just go out there vs any team and play ball. That sort of back-up vet is uber valuable. Hopefully she...
  8. Old Man Mike

    2023-24 Notre Dame Women's Basketball

    Westbeld and Marshall still have eligibility? Mindboggling ... but great if true.
  9. Old Man Mike

    2023-24 Notre Dame Women's Basketball

    Uhhh ... I don't think so. One needs several BIGS to win championships. We MIGHT lose every big on the current roster. The Big coming in looks potentially great --- potentially. Will Ivey get successful in the portal?
  10. Old Man Mike

    2023-24 Notre Dame Women's Basketball

    Notre Dame has a roster which stacks up well vs Connecticut in the following ways: A. They can't just thug us. We're actually a bit more physical than they are. B. We have a player who they can't limit very well (Hildalgo) so our offense seldom goes dry. C. We have a hero-girl (Citron) who will...
  11. Old Man Mike

    The 23 universities that make at least $125 million annually from their sports teams

    There was a time not very long ago when Louisville was one of only two schools raking in loads of positive profit BASKETBALL money. Even the powerhouse BBallers were not making that much from their programs and the vast majority were in the red. But Louisville was a massive profit maker (this...
  12. Old Man Mike

    Everything Soccer

    ... not sure what can keep me rooting for Liverpool when the great manager/Man leaves. The endgame fist pumps and team celebration were some of my favorite sport moments. What a coach. Loved the wolfpack mid-field soccer.
  13. Old Man Mike

    Al Golden - Defensive Coordinator

    Dead season ... got-nuttin-better-to-dos will do-nuttin-better'n-this. ... and drive the rest of us nuts. ... hard to just ignore thread bumps for important people, though.
  14. Old Man Mike

    UFOs, Paranormal, Pseudoscience Thread

  15. Old Man Mike

    2023-2024 NFL Season

    I find all these post-Dallas apocalypse comments frankly weird. Everybody talks about the head coach and the QB and the offense. BUT the DEFENSE was what utterly sucked. The Dallas defense looks to me like a group of players and scheme which is good for winning most of games, but not really NFL...
  16. Old Man Mike

    College Football: End of an Era

    As I tend to hope for idealism, strangely it will not (unless unexpected other developments ensure the authenticity and integrity of the college sports ideal.)
  17. Old Man Mike

    College Football: End of an Era

    An irrelevant fact perhaps to this discussion, but it is a discussion simply hollering into a tornado heading its own Money-Rules-All way anyway": Josh Lugg graduated and picked up a couple of preseason checks from the Bears before getting cut on the last practice squad sifting. What did he do...
  18. Old Man Mike

    Chicago Bears address

    ... so maybe the OLine coach is an OK coach, but just needs more support from the higher ups?
  19. Old Man Mike

    Chicago Bears address

    ... something some IErs might know something about, as I have no clue: The Bears OLine has looked pretty mediocre to me for a few years. A couple of years ago, they had to make do with two of our own hard-working guys (Mustipher and Bars) and to me seemed to be doing as good as the talent could...