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  1. SoDakDomer

    NCAA Sanctions by the numbers

    College Football (FBS) and NCAA Probation » An interesting read on all-time program sanctions. USC is near the top of the list for number of times penalized.
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    ESPN hyperlink Sanchez Disrespects Tebow

    Mark Sanchez of New York Jets pleased with Tim Tebow's workout efforts, according to report - ESPN New York "Sanchez Disrespects Tebow ESPN - ‎3 hours ago‎ Now that New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has spent a few days working out with Tim Tebow, what does he think of his new...
  3. SoDakDomer

    Peter King Comments on Helmets

    "c. I see NBC reported there were "flecks of gold'' in the paint on the new, shiny Notre Dame helmets in the Saturday night game against USC. Are you telling me there's no better, more charitable way for a Catholic institution to spend its money than to outfit the football team with helmets made...
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    Peyton Manning couldn't even win with that group of clowns...
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    Over this past year I have become more and more frustrated with the irresponsible way ESPN reports on sports. In a climate where only a flimsy rumor can get you convicted in the court of public opinion, ESPN needs to be more careful in reporting the facts. Unlike in our law system where it’s...
  6. SoDakDomer

    Night Games?

    I have been asked by several people why Notre Dame doesn't have night games in South Bend? I don't know the answer, anyone else?