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    This week's keffinism

    USC, currently ranked #2, in a 49-10 win over Hawaii, currently ranked #121, askew the kick for PAT, and go for two (THREE TIMES) demonstrating their coach's rugged competativeness. For all you agnostics out there, they MISS ALL THREE, again proving there is indeed a God.
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    Game Day Weather Forcast

    Dublin Ireland for September 1: high 71; low 48; chance of rain 0%. Go Irish
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    Freudian slip

    I was listening to Ryan Rasillo on the Scott van Pelt radio show interviewing the Baylor head coach Art Briles concerning Robert GriffinIII. He was talking about recruiting him and said, when he saw him in junior year high school, "when I saw him I said we need to hire him."
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    Cheap Shot of the Year

    Marquel Wade's Cheap Shot: Arkansas' Marquel Wade Lays A Cheap Shot On Vanderbilt's Jonathan Krause - 10/29/11 - YouTube
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    Some Thoughts

    Kelly's decisions to try for the TD against Michigan and Tulsa last year don't look too bad after the 30 yard miss yesterday. Catching punts is an art. The chances for a punt return yesterday were minimal as the USF punter kicked very high and relatively short and the wind was varying between 2...
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    What Was He Thinking?

    What was Kelly thinking: letting a freshman QB throw the ball into the endzone on third down with ten seconds remaining on the clock when he could have called for a sure field goal and taken the sure three points. We should fire Kelly for making such a dumb mistake (even though Ruffer missed...
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    Cierre Wood is becoming a complete back

    Great blitz pickup. Great Heart on his runs. Does need a bit of work on passes though. GO IRISH!
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    Carolina Panthers

    The Carolina Panthers' QB Moore is done for the season. The remaining QBs are Clausen and Pike. Clausen was developed by Weis and Pike by Kelly. It will be interesting to see what happens.
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    Hamstring Issue

    What is the relationship between "perfect conditioning" and hamstring pulls? It appears to me that the pulled hamstring is becoming a common injury. Is this caused by the conditioning protocols that emphasize the squat and lower body explosiveness? At what point does the loss of an individual...
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    MMMMM, Special Teams

    Am I the only one who has noticed that our blocking on special teams, both Kickoffs and Punts is rather poor?