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  1. arndtjc

    PS5 College Football 25 Dynasty

    Yeah I’m in on this for sure
  2. arndtjc

    Aug 31 | Texas A&M

    With all due respect brother, it’s April 24th. Go enjoy your Summer and don’t worry about ND football until they start releasing 10 second snippets of Kenny Minchey running with the 1s along with a Salerno brother two weeks before kickoff
  3. arndtjc

    ‘21 AL QB Riley Leonard (Duke Transfer - Notre Dame Verbal)

    The worst dude on college football twitter, and of course he’s a Notre Dame fan [emoji2359]
  4. arndtjc

    '24 NE LB Teddy Rezac (Notre Dame Signee)

    Such a rangy athlete. Gonna be a scout team QB star just like Ketterer but he’s got an ideal safety frame and the athleticism to back it up. Be curious to see what their full plan is for Tony
  5. arndtjc

    '22 AL RB Quinshon Judkins (Ole Miss Verbal)

    Also I think it’s pretty clear that the RB room won’t be anywhere close to the reason next year’s team doesn’t win. That position is loaded for the next few years
  6. arndtjc

    ‘21 AL QB Riley Leonard (Duke Transfer - Notre Dame Verbal)

    Nobody knows shit. Hartman didn’t commit til 1/4 last year. Relax
  7. arndtjc

    Dec 29 | Oregon State

    Again, this guy respect2sport just throws darts at the wall with already known info. He doesn’t actually have any sources. He predicted Rico transferring AFTER Loy had already alluded to it. Freeman’s presser yesterday pretty much confirmed Sam wasn’t going to play and he posts this today? Don’t...
  8. arndtjc

    Dec 29 | Oregon State

    Louisville says hello
  9. arndtjc

    '24 CA LB Kyngstonn Viliamu-Asa (Notre Dame Signee)

    5 star linebacker per Rivals
  10. arndtjc

    '23 CA WR Rico Flores (UCLA Transfer)

    Not a legit source. He’s piggybacking premium info. Stop posting this clown and respect2sport
  11. arndtjc

    Okay.. Hear me out

    Ban. Immediately. Mods do your thing
  12. arndtjc

    TRANSFER TIME..start a list

    New rule, until either the player or someone who is actually credentialed to cover the program says anything about it, stop giving these click bait generators any more attention than they’re already getting. Please only post legit sources
  13. arndtjc

    USC recruiting and everything else

    For a team that was as offensively challenged as Nebraska was this year, what they did defensively was nothing short of miraculous. They played in the same bad offense B1G West the last couple years and got destroyed. Tony White has a proven track record of stingy defense and turning around...
  14. arndtjc

    USC recruiting and everything else

    Little bit of late night news. Great hire for SC, Nebraska’s defense was saaaaallllllttttyyyyyyy with a lot less talent to work with
  15. arndtjc

    ‘21 AL QB Riley Leonard (Duke Transfer - Notre Dame Verbal)

    Following some portal WRs and Jahfari Harvey as well. Gonna be an interesting couple of weeks
  16. arndtjc

    Post Game Pitt

    Freeman’s clock management is still doodoo Eat shit Narduzzi. Cade Klubnik is in big, big trouble next week
  17. arndtjc

    USC post game thread

    Any time you royally kick the shit out of USC is a good night. Well deserved bye coming up before finishing the regular season 10-2 No further comment. Go Irish [emoji3515]
  18. arndtjc

    Oct 14 | Southern Cal

    All indications are that he’ll play tonight