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  1. tommyIRISH23

    Gerad Parker - Troy Head Coach :)

    Has he been hired officially yet?
  2. tommyIRISH23

    Gerad Parker - Troy Head Coach :)

    If Freeman chose Parker without all the organizational dysfunction the last few days I’d be more of a let it play out type. I’m more concerned about the mess that seems to be the ND athletic department than anything else. Something is very wrong and It rarely ends well…maybe it will for Powlus...
  3. tommyIRISH23

    Merry Christmas All

    Merry Christmas all!
  4. tommyIRISH23

    '23 TX S Peyton Bowen (Oklahoma Signee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    Kind of runs the pattern of his whole recruitment, the family is tight lipped with divisions in his innercircle of where he should go. Not saying you’re wrong but for some of these beat guys are pretty optimistic now and the Oklahoma guys are reportedly shakier. I also don’t know if Loy and Fong...
  5. tommyIRISH23

    '23 TX S Peyton Bowen (Oklahoma Signee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    Very encouraging. We’ll see how it plays out
  6. tommyIRISH23

    '21 CA QB Tyler Buchner (ND FB -> Bama FB -> ND LAX???)

    That’s the attitude you want to see.
  7. tommyIRISH23

    '23 TX S Peyton Bowen (Oklahoma Signee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    I’ll look for some articles if I have the time and post them. Different podcasts explain it pretty well and are all pretty consistent. ND without a doubt pays its players and we’ll. Mayer and Foskey made north of 800k this year. ND ranks 6 in NIL. What separates ND from other schools (atleast...
  8. tommyIRISH23

    '23 TX S Peyton Bowen (Oklahoma Signee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    Next few seasons are big. QB recruiting has just as much to do, if not more, with winning, development and a path to the NFL as it does NIL. Our QB room has been an unacceptable disaster. Why would a QB want to go there. Highly rated QBs haven’t developed or ran off in favor of 3 star/low 4...
  9. tommyIRISH23

    '23 MI QB Dante Moore (Show Me the Money Verbal)

    Whoaaa I’ve got to chime in here. Jersey Mikes best chain? No way. I’d put Primo Hoagies ahead easily
  10. tommyIRISH23

    Marcus Freeman named Dick Corbett Head Football Coach

    Problem with that is the last coaching staff left him in a bad spot with both QB and WR. So he’s relying now on freshman and sophomores and/or transfers that were coached by other teams and (most likely) didn’t cut it and are looking for a fresh start.
  11. tommyIRISH23

    '20 MO WR Jordan Johnson (Notre Dame Signee)

    That’s an absolute disaster on many levels. Kelly was a great coach but he struggled with roster management and recruiting
  12. tommyIRISH23

    '23 TX S Peyton Bowen (Oklahoma Signee ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

    Don’t think so. If that were the case the recruits would be putting like TAMU vs Tennessee to get the bidding war going. ND is more progressive with NIL than I thought they’d be and seem to be open to be moving even more progressively forward. We’re going to lose some kids to money. Just like...
  13. tommyIRISH23

    Biden Presidency

    Sorry. I am not sure if this is a sarcastic post. I apologize if it is. But this is the logic you use following the assertion that “the real world is based on facts”? I really, really hope this is a sarcastic post and it just went right over my head lol.
  14. tommyIRISH23

    Biden Presidency

    I’m assuming you thought it was fair, just, and reasonable trade?
  15. tommyIRISH23

    2023 Transfer QB

    I worked professionally while going for my masters degree and took a few semesters off between classes depending what I had going on at my job. All in all, it took me like 5 years to graduate. During my last semester I met with my counselor and was going over all the courses and found out I was...
  16. tommyIRISH23

    '22 KS ATH Dasan McCullough (Indiana Verbal)

    Problem is he probably doesn’t want to follow his dad again. What if after 2023 his dad gets a job offer to be a OC or HC somewhere…he has to go where he wants to go and build his own legacy. Now, if ND is that place, and he could see himself there without his dad…bring ‘‘em in!
  17. tommyIRISH23

    '21 IA WR Keagan Johnson (Iowa Transfer - ND Offer)

    Driskell pretty much has said that Styles has been working through some mental roadblocks. Sounds like a sophomore slump. I think Styles will be back
  18. tommyIRISH23

    Post regular season thoughts

    Not sure where the Buchner is an upgrade assertions are coming from. Buchner is an upgrade over Pyne in mobility only. Facts are that Buchner has been dealt a terrible hand between injuries and a once a century pandemic. He simply hasn’t played enough football. ND can’t gamble next season on...