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  1. tko

    '25 AZ WR Cooper Perry (Offer)

    Nike swag
  2. tko

    2023-24 Notre Dame Women's Basketball

    Need a Ruth Riley type
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  4. tko

    '25 IL LB Dominik Hulak (Notre Dame Verbal)

    I remember Tenuta believed Dan Foxx was the better prospect over Kuechly.
  5. tko

    ND Baseball!

    The amount of fucking walks right now by this pitching staff and others across the country is terrible. WTF is going on? I guess everyone is so concerned about their spin rates and velo.
  6. tko

    '21 NJ RB Audric Estime (Notre Dame Signee)

    Start the clock after he runs something over and hurdles a dummy.
  7. tko

    Notre Dame Lacrosse Open thread

    Difference maker no matter the sport.
  8. tko

    '25 WI OT Owen Strebig (Notre Dame Verbal)

    Is there a commitment post with details out yet?
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    Toby Keith, RIP
  10. tko

    '18 SC QB Sam Hartman (Notre Dame Transfer)

    Seeing ghosts still
  11. tko

    '25 NV WR Derek Meadows (Offer)

    Way too tall
  12. tko

    Coaching Carousel

    cronyism king
  13. tko

    Alabama HC Nick Saban Retires

    Any chance we can close this thread, get back on topic or create a new thread about inbreeding??
  14. tko

    All Things pOSU

    We did not beat them, though. I hope we don’t have to face them should we make the playoffs.
  15. tko

    Coaching Carousel

    I don’t mind at all seeing UW possibly fall into the abyss.
  16. tko

    All Things pOSU

    OSU is our kryptonite. I don’t see us ever beating them.
  17. tko

    TRANSFER TIME..start a list

    Georgia is going to fuck some teams up next season.
  18. tko

    All Things SkunkBear

    Wonder if Fowler gargled, swallowed or both last night post game?