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  1. Mattmags

    2024 Spring Practice Thread

    reminds me of the Nike shoe strap I wore in grade school. oh the memories...
  2. Mattmags

    '21 CA QB Tyler Buchner (ND FB -> Bama FB -> ND LAX???)

    Bishop is a good dude. Just shut up already and move on.
  3. Mattmags

    2024 ND Projected Depth Chart

    Payne is the Price of Love. See what I did there?
  4. Mattmags

    '22 NJ QB Steven Angeli (Notre Dame Signee)

    damn it! I thought I was the first to coin this term. I need the internet sleuths to find out who gets credit for being first with the "Peanut Butter Angeli Time" moniker. edit - Looks like it was Calabrese's People who coined this in 2022 on this board. kudos to them.
  5. Mattmags

    Notre Dame In The Transfer Portal 2023-2024 (Verified ND Interest Only)

    Blue Chips style, but without all the illegal stuff :-)
  6. Mattmags

    '19 HI ATH Marist Liufau (Notre Dame Signee)

    Declared for NFL Draft. will forgo bowl game. Kind of a head scratcher to me?
  7. Mattmags

    Nov 25 | Stanford

    Peanut butter Angeli time!
  8. Mattmags

    Nov 25 | Stanford

    DJ trying to catch the tip on 4th down. SMH.
  9. Mattmags

    Nov 25 | Stanford

    Agreed. Could have just been a heated conversation due to the flow of the game. Probably telling them to be ready for another 200 Estime rush yards in the 2nd half. On that note, this is the kind if game that Estime could set a new ND record for rushing yards in a game if they wanted to
  10. Mattmags

    Nov 25 | Stanford

    Freeman just had an emotional conversation with Deland and Estime. Wonder what was said?
  11. Mattmags

    '22 NJ QB Steven Angeli (Notre Dame Signee)

    Not sure if this was discussed, but is it possible that Hartman sits out the bowl game? This could be a good situation all the way around.
  12. Mattmags

    Nov 18 | Wake Forest

    Peanut butter Angeli time
  13. Mattmags

    Oct 28 | Pittsburgh

  14. Mattmags

    Oct 28 | Pittsburgh

    Just here to read the complaints about clock management. Yikes 😬
  15. Mattmags

    '21 OH WR Lorenzo Styles Jr. (Notre Dame Early Enrollee)

    That ST flub isn’t going to boost his confidence any.
  16. Mattmags

    Oct 14 | Southern Cal

    This just looks silly. USC has a staff member spraying water on players with a portable pressure sprayer as they attempt to simulate rain in South Bend on Saturday.
  17. Mattmags

    NFL & NCAA officials

    I just uncovered this nugget from the South Bend Tribune. What did the ACC office tell Notre Dame football about improper replay review at Duke? “They owned it and said it shouldn’t have been reviewed,” Freeman said of the ACC. “We appreciate the honesty. What can you do now? the game’s over.”...
  18. Mattmags

    NFL & NCAA officials

    And I just want to add that I don't expect even the best officials to be perfect. Things are happening in real time, and catching every penalty, or non penalty has to be difficult. However, we all know there are moments when you scratch your head and say "what are they doing?" These are the...
  19. Mattmags

    NFL & NCAA officials

    No to beat a dead horse, but I wanted to resurrect this thread because I have a very legitimate question that has been bothering me more each week that goes by. Conference officials - What is the process in which they are graded for their performance? Just like any employee, I have to imagine...