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  1. NDFan8349

    2024 Spring Practice Thread

    Seeing Greathouse limp of the field on that last first down conversion had me concerned. Any update on that?
  2. NDFan8349

    2023-2024 NFL Season

    Lions are my team. Campbell pulled a Porker against POSU
  3. NDFan8349

    All Things SkunkBear

    Chargers just tweeted they concluded the interview.
  4. NDFan8349

    Mike Mickens ND CB’s Coach

    I agree 100%. I think he will be missed more than we realize. I hope I'm wrong.
  5. NDFan8349

    Coaching Carousel

    But who will help call our games..Haha
  6. NDFan8349

    Alabama HC Nick Saban Retires

    Holy crap Reesus might actually get the job?? I would think he is the 3rd option on that list.
  7. NDFan8349

    Alabama HC Nick Saban Retires

    Lanning staying at Oregon. Per on3
  8. NDFan8349

    Alabama HC Nick Saban Retires

    Please don't take Marcus!!
  9. NDFan8349

    WATCH PARTY: 2023-24 Bowl Thread

    Going to be a blowout quickly
  10. NDFan8349

    '25 IL DE Christopher Burgess (Notre Dame Verbal)

    LFG! One step closer to a Natty level for years to come! Coaches putting in work.
  11. NDFan8349

    Bama vs Michigan

    Decker better report!!! Lmao
  12. NDFan8349

    Bama vs Michigan

  13. NDFan8349

    Bama vs Michigan

    If this goes OT Bitchigan wins I think.... ugh
  14. NDFan8349

    Bama vs Michigan

    Alabama is not good
  15. NDFan8349

    Dec 29 | Oregon State

    Future is bright my friends. Most optimistic I have been about the program in a long time.
  16. NDFan8349

    Dec 29 | Oregon State

    Hopefully after this drive
  17. NDFan8349

    Dec 29 | Oregon State

    Faison is a star in the making!! Bottom line!
  18. NDFan8349

    Dec 29 | Oregon State

    I wish Mike Evans wasn't hurt.... These announcers fucking suck ass. Can't even get half the names right. It's Mitchell asshole.